Why do we hate ourselves so much?

Have you watched “The Boys in the Band” on Netflix yet? It‘s a brilliant, well written, timeless piece and definitely a must-see not only for gays. I already shared my thoughts on the Broadway production in 2018 here on my blog. Now I am happy to see the cast from then reprising their characters inContinue reading “Why do we hate ourselves so much?”

How not to become a procrastinator

Often it is easier to say that having too less time doesn’t allow oneself trying something new. Here are a few tips on how it’s easier to add a change to the daily or weekly routine.

How to see the good in people

When hearing and reading many bad news all day, it’s not easy to think there could be still good people out there. That feeling can be frightening. What is true about that? Did people become worse, or is the good still out there? If so, how can it be seen?

The new normal

The word normal seems to have more than on definition. Why is it like that? What does “being normal” even mean? How can a person become normal? Is every person normal, or maybe no one? Can the definition change?