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Celebrating 12 years Big Bang Theory – will there be a gaming app soon?

Celebrating 12 years Big Bang Theory – will there be a gaming app soon?

This week, the final season premiere of the Big Bang Theory aired on CBS, followed by a second new episode on Thursday. This was the right occasion for me to finally publish my idea on how to celebrate the successful comedy series. It combines the wish from fans who want more people to attend a live taping, have an extended episode, some gaming fun, some Comic Con like parts, and much more.

Over the years, I have not only written several posts about the hit comedy, but also shared why this particular show changed my life. It helped me out of the darkest time, when I thought my life had no purpose. It brought me something back of which I had almost forgotten how it felt: laughing. I could see me again. I felt so lost after finishing school, and kind of overwhelmed by the working world for which I did not feel prepared. However, the show inspired me to many things, telling stories which I loved but stopped when I started working, being creative again which I stopped at the same time and being ok being me, which I stopped as well. I know I am different, but thanks to the show, I found others who feel similar. Big Bang connects us, so we all feel less alone.

Last Monday I shared an idea, which I had for years. Now it seemed appropriate to share it. I struggled a lot at first. Who cares about what I think? There are people who are in charge for everything the show related and they will find the right way to finish it. I don’t question this. The writers are as outstanding as the cast. Certainly, I have my thoughts of how it will end and also hope for a reference to the pilot, just to round things up, but it is the writers’ job and not mine to finish telling the stories of these characters.

ShamyonMarsTitleNow back to my idea: I heard many people wishing to attend a live taping. Many could not make it because they could either not travel to LA or they were not fast enough getting tickets. Others wished there was an extended episode, like a movie. So I was thinking about all of these wishes, and well, my brain always works best when I can mix things up, and so I came up with this.

Simply move the show to a bigger stage, like at a theater. In my video, I even thought about a stadium, but it could also be a place like the Dolby Theater. Making a whole event with a Big Bang shop that sells Big Bang comic books – maybe even some fan art, as I see so many drawings, bracelets, dolls, etc. made by fans, which is incredible. The show inspires fans to be creative in so many ways. And there should be a place where fans can play “Shamy on Mars”.

When Jim Parsons firstly talked about his idea for “Young Sheldon” and that this seemed to be obvious and wondered why no one already came up with this, I was thinking the same about this gaming app. I mean, fans love Sheldon and Amy, and probably they love playing games on their phones. So, there could a way they can create their own future of their favorite TV couple.

I would really love seeing the show move to a bigger stage, at least for the big final. Maybe they even do a halftime show – but call it intermission performance or something. I think that many fans would love even more to be at the final live taping. A theater offers more seats than Warner Bros studio 25. However, what’s with those who cannot travel? A live stream could be placed on YouTube, or it streams at least across the US and Canada, as I have no knowledge about the rights issues – different countries, different regulations, that is all I know.

Doing it that way would offer more people the chance to attend a taping. They can enjoy the show live as a play, either at the theater or on a device of their choice. No one will know anything beforehand. It will be completely new for everyone when the fans watch it.

A play would be an extended episode. It is on a stage, just like Big Bang, and I think this would fit better to the show than a movie. I even have ideas for that intermission, like Wil Wheaton as Prof Proton meets… Well, I am not going to reveal everything yet. Just again, getting geeky and mixing several things up, creating something never before seen. The show is outstanding, and that is why it should end, not only in theory, with a Big Bang.

Please let me know in the comments what you think of my ideas. Also feel free to share. Thank you.

Click here for the full video to watch my idea for the live event.


The lost feeling

The lost feeling

There was darkness all around me. It embraced me like a coat, but instead of giving me warmth, it got colder the tighter it was to my body. How did I get there? I had no idea. I was all alone. There was no sound, there was just nothing. It felt as if someone took my eyesight. I was wandering around, trying to find the exit. I could not. I was walking a circle. I sat down, trying to breathe, trying to focus. There were these memories from a past that felt like another lifetime. I thought of colors, brightness and something that I could not remember when I felt it the last time. The darkness made me see more clearly after a while. Something was taken away from me, something that was way more important than my eyesight, and I wanted it back. My greatest fear was that I forgot I ever had this feeling, that I forgot it really existed, and was no fairytale. I cannot remember the last time I had it, but I still remember that I liked it, and I did not want to forget how happiness felt like. Continue reading “The lost feeling”

The negative thing about being a successful TV star

Glitter, fame, so much money. The world of TV offers lots of chances. It seems so very easy for everyone to make it big. You only have to act a little bit. And didn’t we all played a lot as kids? Wasn’t it great to pretend to be someone else, not only on Halloween? TV is what we all know and love. We wait for new episodes of our favorite shows, it feels like we actually know these characters. For some people these guys fill their entire lives and the world is only revolving in that TV show universe.

You can use a phone these days for way more than watching for favorite TV shows. pic by JD Hancock
You can use a phone these days for way more than watching your favorite TV shows.
pic by JD Hancock

Being a fan of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ since season 4, I got in touch with lots of fans. Normally I only watch a show, but this one was the first I googled. That connection between the fans is amazing. People all over the world talk about Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and their friends. And the fandom is still increasing. Sure, the internet is something that helps to make the show even more popular and it is a show mostly watched by teens. At least they have the time to spread the word on the internet, comment the most, create fan account, etc.

I realize it every time I spend a few minutes on Twitter or Instagram. I don’t have that time to be 24/7 online, but to me it seems lots of people are only waiting for their star to post something, so they can be the first to like, comment or reshare. So it happens that I see a picture Jim Parsons posted on his IG at least 3 times in my timeline. Reshared at least 2 times by fans. Honestly, it’s okay to retweet or repost a picture from time to time, but many never create own content.

I only ‘like’ the original post, and only if I really like it and not because I like the person that this guy plays in my favorite sitcom. But that is just how kids are. And sometimes even some older people. And there we are: the negative aspect of being a successful TV star. People think they know you, when all they see is your character. And they think it’s their right to know every single detail about your life and share this with the world. Not only they reshare your pictures, but they try to find private ones and share them too. You lost control over your own privacy – not to forget the rumors which are spread easily over the internet.

I never cared about any celebrities, and still I don’t. I care about the people I have in my life, and who want me to have in theirs. Jim might be the only exception but I don’t wait till he posts anything. Mostly I see his pictures days later, then I decide if I comment, like or do nothing. And I stopped to google him, why would I? Isn’t it creepy what the internet makes possible? Isn’t it creepy that strangers can figure out everything about you and think that is okay because you are a celebrity?

There are two kind of TV stars: the ones with talent and the ones who have to sell themselves.

I prefer the ones with talent, with passion for their job. When someone is money-focused, this person will never be happy and always be lonely. Money and fame might be good, but only the moments we share with our loved ones can’t be taken away. These moments will last forever in our memory. That is what matters!!

Money and fame always come along with jealousy. Like when there was the big discussion about the Big Bang cast wanting $ 1 Million per episode. I had to write a post about that too. I didn’t get all the attention. But overall, it’s the proof that it’s better to not talk about money. We all want a lot, but don’t want others to have more than we do. We don’t see their hard work (Big Bang wasn’t a big hit when it started, they did the pilot twice, then there was the writer’s strike, etc.) They all work hard, and who knows how much they will get when one day the show will be over? And spoiler: this will happen one day!

Sure they have to take as much as possible. We all would do it that way. And they don’t get the money for ‘only’ 20 minutes. They work more than that. They give up most of their privacy. Others waste their time being 24/7 online, freaking out when they are not the first to get the news. Keep calm! These guys on TV are just people like you and me. Treat them like you wanna be treated, write them what you wanna read. And imagine how many mails, comments they get. Is it neccessary to only comment ‘hi’? Or to tag a person 10 times per day? I think this will make it even less likely your star to notice you.

Oh and before you now wanna write me that I might be not a real fan or that post is complete crap – don’t comment anything. That is my point of view. And I think there is a difference between a fan and an addict, which is someone who can’t spend a single day without internet. It’s good to get in touch with other fans and even our favorite stars, but don’t forget your real friends and family. Because a TV show is just that: a show that cheers up our lives. Not accusing anyone, just saying.

Be a fan and be polite!

Will the delay of Big Bang Theory season 8 causes the end of the show?

Will the delay of Big Bang Theory season 8 causes the end of the show?

The upcoming season 8 of the popular CBS hit comedy will be delayed due to contract negotiations. The cast wants a big pay rise, up to $ 1 million per episode. That is more than 10 times as much as their co-stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch who signed their contracts a pretty while ago. But Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons team up to get the rise. But it seems to be too much for the producers. There were also rumors spreading the internet that Jim might leave the show. But this was just made up by a website and even Bill Prady tweeted this was a hoax. But fans now are concered: is this the end of their favorite TV show?

The bad thing about a popular and successful TV show is one day it’s all about the money. So it’s understandable that the cast wants more. For most actors it’s a blessing to be on a show for such a long time and to have a steady income which is enough to earn their living with. And as they might never be on such a successful show again, why not milking the cow as much as possible? The question is just: Isn’t it a bit too much to ask for more than an double income per episode of what they earn right now? And is their work so much more worth than Melissa and Mayim’s? The producers don’t think so. And maybe some fans agree, thinking the cast already ears enough. But well, if you were in their shoes right now, I am pretty sure you would fight for the money, too. If there is a chance to earn more, you would probably take it too.

Many people don’t see that the cast more or less lose their privacy. Kaley is followed by paparazzi, no matter where she is going to. They are paying a high price, being noticed all over the world. People know their faces. So it’s not like most jobs, go to work and come back home and that’s it. One episode is not only the 20 minutes you see on TV. It’s reading the lines, thinking about how to play them, it’s practicing and memorizing and doing PR. Their faces also represent their characters and the show. So the cast quite knows the show would be nothing without them. We all know what happened to ‘Two and a half men’. It’s not the same anymore since Charlie Sheen and later Angus T. Jones left.

Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS


What the cast should keep in mind too, is that they also wouldn’t be in their position right now, if the show didn’t exist. A show is team work. There are more than ‘only’ the actors responsible for it. And if they would all quit because they didn’t get the amount of money they want, they will lose their steady job and a great income most of us all dream of. They might appear in some movies or make guest appearances on other TV shows, but they probably won’t get the amount they earn right now.

So, I do understand the cast, and I know it’s their decision and not mine and I have no right to tell them what to do, but how about earning a half million per episode in next season? The million would be fine in season 10, like the cast of ‘Friends’ earned in their final season. Sure they are negotiating higher salary for the next 3 seasons and not only for the upcoming season 8. So I am not sure for which season they ask the million dollars for. But I do think as CBS ordered 3 more seasons, there has to be 3 more seasons. It’s like many guys who wanted to go to a taping and have tickets but can’t go because there is no taping at that time. These guys are understandably mad, and I think CBS would be even more if they don’t get what they paid for. Not quite sure about that, but there might be some high fees, if the ordered seasons won’t get produced.

So I am pretty sure they will reach an agreement soon and 3 more seasons will come. And as someone who studies PR management, I think this is also some sort of well-made PR somehow because The Big Bang Theory is discussed all over the internet. Even guys who don’t know that show that well, will eventually read about it and then maybe watch the next season. It is probably not wanted that way, but the more people talk about a show, the higher it increases its popularity. This is even better when everyone talks about a show and there are currently no new episodes airing. Just another reason the show has to be continued.