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Who will win at Primetime Emmy Awards 2014?

It might be like Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon. For most people it will remain an unfulfilled dream. But those who climbed the Olympus of TV world it’s the night of their lives.

Primetime Emmys

Sport enthusiasts look forward to the Olympics, fans of american TV count down the days to the Primetime Emmy Awards. Who will take home a trophy? Which TV show will win? Lots of questions, a huge excitement and much fun for lots of people, me included. Last year I tweeted live during the ceremony and will definitely do this again Monday, August 25. But I also wanna talk about the show, only a few days before.

If you also love good US TV, and can’t wait for the Emmys, join my Google+ Pre-Emmy Talk Hangout. It will take place Friday, August 22 at 9 pm CEST (would be 12 pm if you’re living in LA area and 3 pm if you’re in New York area).

It doesn’t matter which country you are from, you only should be able to talk about the nominees in English and have a Google+ account. We will discuss the most important categories and at the end we make our guesses of the winners.

If you wanna participate, just use the contact form below. You can also use it, if you have some questions about it. Feel free to ask anything you want. There will also be a Post-Emmy Hangout, which will take place Friday after the Emmys. You can also already join that hangout or even both 😉!

I am looking forward to hangout with you soon!!