Why do we hate ourselves so much?

Have you watched “The Boys in the Band” on Netflix yet? It‘s a brilliant, well written, timeless piece and definitely a must-see not only for gays. I already shared my thoughts on the Broadway production in 2018 here on my blog. Now I am happy to see the cast from then reprising their characters inContinue reading “Why do we hate ourselves so much?”

Am I special?

Have you ever felt different? I often feel like something might be wrong with me. Mostly it’s because I get excited for things nobody seems to understand. I feel constantly judged, no matter what I say or do. I know I am not in a position to complain. I hear it all the time thatContinue reading “Am I special?”

What is the sense of stereotypes?

What are stereotypes good for? Why do we put people in boxes? Do we learn what is obvious? Why can’t boys wear skirts without instantly being labeled as gay? The movie ‘A Kid Like Jake’ is about parents doing their very best raising a young boy who is different than others. They love their child, but for some people it’s not so easy to accept a boy who seems to them being more like a girl.

More love and understanding — How the Boys in the Band made me see myself more clearly

The Broadway production „Boys in the band“ is about allowing yourself to love and be loved. No one should hide, not in a closet or an apartment. Join the party until August 11 at the Booth Theater. The story shows that much changed since 1968, but still there is a long way to equality ahead. A show about gays, but not only for gays.