Why do we hate ourselves so much?

Have you watched “The Boys in the Band” on Netflix yet? It‘s a brilliant, well written, timeless piece and definitely a must-see not only for gays. I already shared my thoughts on the Broadway production in 2018 here on my blog. Now I am happy to see the cast from then reprising their characters inContinue reading “Why do we hate ourselves so much?”

How do you stay positive?

Life is not always easy. Besides the usual stuff, like dealing with annoying people, doing taxes and all duties that feel unnecessary, there is on top still this pandemic that scares people. Mostly the uncertainty drives them crazy. What will happen next? Will it get worse? When will it finally end? A,l those are questionsContinue reading “How do you stay positive?”

This is me – March share

In this series I give my followers the chance to share their feelings anonymously. Sharing is important, but feelings are fragile and often kept to oneself in fear of judgment. I want to take that away. It felt good for me to write about my feelings, so I give you the chance as well. YouContinue reading “This is me – March share”