Black lives matter too

Lately, I find more and more articles that are like: why do we only talk about black people, it should be called ‘all lives matter’. Well, this whole movement that we have right now – and I hope everyone who joins large groups to protest also thinks about safety precautions because Corona is still out there – is about racism. Black people are still treated as second class citizens and that needs to stop, because colored people matter as much as white people. Continue reading “Black lives matter too”

Finding your wonderful

Having social anxieties makes me often feel uncomfortable being around people, as I constantly fear judgement. However, over the years I realized that I am my worst bully. Sometimes I can be quite mean to myself. There are a million things that I cannot do, and do not know. I often feel like I do not deserve to be happy, am too fat and ugly, and so on. I would not want to be around myself, if I could choose, but I am stuck with me. Why do I make this so hard? I can love myself. I can believe others when they say they love me. Finding my wonderful is still a struggle sometimes, but there is one method that helped me the most so far.

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Is WordPress effective?

Many writers start using WordPress, hoping for a large audience and following within a short timeframe. What does work on WordPress and what does not? A blog’s success depend on many different aspects. What are your goals here? Why do you want to use WordPress?Continue reading “Is WordPress effective?”

Why are they demonstrating against safety measurements?

For a person with social anxiety, the past two months have been like a rollercoaster ride with more downs than ups. I have never been a fan of large crowds, but the whole situation scared me anyway. Now, the numbers are finally decreasing. I feel relieved, like I can breathe and the chance of normality seems reachable again. Once again, it’s the people who scare me, those who don’t care about the safety measurements and risk that we could go back and start all over with this.

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