Motivation is you

Motivation is you

It’s in you. You can dream it, you can do it. If only you believe in yourself, everything is possible. You can reach everything.

life isn’t easy all the time. Sometimes you struggle, sometimes you feel weak and exhausted. Maybe you even ask yourself is this really worth doing/ trying it?

The answer is: yes. If you wanna do it, you should. Take the advice from friends or your family who will support and encourage you. But even when they doubt you can do it, but it is something you really want, keep trying. As soon they realize how ambitious you are and they will notice your passion, they will support you.

I know quite well, how hard it is. Sometimes even getting up in the morning and thinking about the day and what might happen, can make me wanna stay in bed. There were tough days in my life. The hardest were for sure the ones I was bullied at school. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone, and I still wonder what makes some guys doing this? But anyway, there is one thing I learned: I’ve been through this and this made me a stronger person. I am not mad at these guys, why would I waste my energy on them? Only thinking of them would be a waste of my time. It is the past. It made me who I am. And it made me much more awake of what people are capable of doing and how hard it is to fight against them.

On this page I will write about what you can do if you are getting bullied or if you know someone who is in such a situation and needs help. Please share your stories, ask your questions in the comment, you don’t have to mention your real name if you are afraid and no email address, I will reply to your comment here. You can also send me a message by going to the ‘Contact me’ page.

There is no need to be afraid. The motivation is you. Be strong, keep on fighting! No matter what causes your struggle, this is not ‘only’ about bullying. Feel free to write here, or tell when through which situations you had to go through. What or who helped you? What is your motivation?


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