Inspired by Jim Parsons

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Confucius


Be an inspiration. It’s pretty easy. You only have to be you. That is the lesson I learned a few years ago. Back then I didn’t knew where my path is going to. I felt lost in my own life. Unable to see my future. Not sure what it was that I wanted to do, and didn’t want to think of ‘the rest of my life’. Maybe it’s because we have too many choices to take, because I realized that other kids my age felt the same, and kids these days do too. Maybe even when you are in the middle of your 20s or 30s you still struggle sometimes, thinking about your life. Who would ever think of ‘rest of your life’? That is in some way a scary thought. Think of today, enjoy every single moment and realize its uniqueness. It will never come back like that. Life is far too precious to waste it on thinking too much. When you have an idea, you have to do it. If you have a dream, fight for it. Do what it takes to make it come true.

And there we are what this site is about: people who dare to be who they are get honored here. So if you know someone, who does something great, maybe that person isn’t aware of that, so it’s always good to tell someone your appreciation no matter if it’s your fave star, a family member, friend, neighbor, who ever. This should encourage everyone to be okay with who they are. It is okay to struggle, it is okay that not every day feels like a fairytale. Everyone has problems, no life is perfect but every single one is unique. When you don’t live your life, who will? You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, not in real life and not in social media. It doesn’t matter how many ‘Likes’ you have on Instagram or how many Followers on Twitter, if you don’t have family and friends in your life. And you only grow by being you, because that inspires other people. Show how you are, what you do, who you love. Other people can only start to really like you, when they know you, and maybe they will inspire you. That is what life is about: to inspired and to get inspired.

This is why Jim inspires me so much in my writing. There will also be posts tagged with ‘Inspired by Parsons’.


Inspired by Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons at Comic Con 2014, Dreamworks Home Panel
Jim Parsons at Comic Con 2014, Dreamworks Home Panel

Have you ever asked yourself why The Big Bang Theory is called like that? I did. And though I read a lot about the show, I never read an answer to that question. But when I started watching the show in April 2011 and watched all four seasons in a row back then, it was the first show I ever googled. I wanted to know more about the production and writing, because I always felt like knowing something that everyone knows is not a big deal. I also started to watch videos on youtube with the entire cast. One day I spent a whole afternoon watching interviews, at the end of the day I realized most of them were just with Jim. I can’t really put it into words, but somehow he sounded so familiar. He kinda said what I felt. It’s hard to describe. I love that he is still so down to earth, that he still loves his family and friends and take nothing of his success for granted. He seems to be not only a very talented and smart but also kind man. He fought hard and studied to get where he is right now. He earned all this and so deserves this and is a big inspiration for me. He taught me the lesson of life: that only you can be who you are, and it’s always worth having and fighting for your dreams.

Not many actors earn enough money, most need a second job or maybe a third, or don’t earn any money with acting at all. So Hollywood is like the peak of the ice berg, and Jim is now a part of that. He wasn’t born as Sheldon, and he is way more than that, so I love it much more seeing Jim in other roles. But this role made him successful, so Sheldon will forever be a part of his life. Getting there was hard. He wasn’t born to a rich family, and he seems still so close to his family and home town, which is another thing I love about him. Never forget where you come from! And never give up living your dream.

Many people just see the show, but I have always loved to look behind the scenes. All the guys working backstage, the writers, the producers, the directors, the stylists,… How much work it is for so many people to make a 20 minutes show and that 24 times a year. The first pilot of Big Bang never aired. The got a second chance, which is very rare, but they used it very well. Chuck Lorre and Billy Prady didn’t give up, and that is their reward. And we are all happy because most guys can’t imagine their lives without the show anymore. And that is what Jim makes me realize: life is The Big Bang Theory. When Penny moved in next door in the pilot, she was like a Big Bang to the guys. Came like out of nowhere, was expanding and still is, and made them who they are right now. The guys were the Big Bang to Penny. So we get in touch with people and they come into our lives like out of nowhere and soon we don’t know what it was before we met them. Somehow it feels they had always been a part of our lives.

Jim was just there, and I know I didn’t know him before but somehow I do feel I knew him all my life. I don’t wanna sound weird, it is just the way he made me see it. I realized that you can only reach something in your life when you dare to me yourself and don’t hide. You can be afraid of changes, but take them. Dare to do something, go out and try something. Only the one who tries can win, the one who doesn’t has already lost. And when it’s not working the first time, think about how you can do better next time. Take a second chance when you get one. And never take anything for granted. Other people don’t wanna show your problems, but everyone has some. I am pretty sure not even Jim has an all perfect life as it might seem for some of his fans.  Focus on the good things in your life. And if you don’t know what your future holds for you yet, live for the moment, take a deep breathe and stop thinking about it. Do what makes you happy and then you will find your path, see your direction. No matter how crazy it sounds, do it. Because it only sounds crazy until someone just does it!


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