Current projects

Here you can read everything about my current projects:


Web shows:

I used to host Google+ Hangout Talks and Games hangout on Google+. As it does no longer exist, I am currently going live every now and then on Instagram. You can find me there as Sannyrise. I don’t do it regularly for now, but I will let you know a few days in advance. Mostly I will go live on Saturday.

Special blog posts and pages:

Inspired by Jim Parsons – the actor inspires me a lot in my writing, these posts are tagged.

Spread love – If someone inspires you by something incredible or extraordinary, you can spread the love and share your story. Just send me a message and you will be featured on the ‘Spread love’ page.

Motivation is you – what motivates you? This is the place to spread motivation.

101 Writing class – giving tips in creative writing

This is me – everyone who want to can share their feelings anonymously – a new post once a month, if you want to share or have questions, please use my contact page to write me. Thanks.



Dark Horse – political thriller series

Artist of Life – comedy series (scripts written so far can be requested via mail)

(A)waiting – play

Solitary Rose – musical


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