Current projects

Here you can read everything about my current projects:


Web shows:

The Google+ Hangout Talks – once per month I will host a hangout talk on Google+ about a specific topic, e.g. Pre- or Post-Emmy Talk, new comedy series, etc. Topic will be always TV show related.

Games Hangout – once per month I will host a hangout in which I play several games.

If you wanna join the discussion or wanna participate in the Games Hangout, simply go to the ‘Contact me’ page and send me a message. Please add me +SannySpear on Google+ if you wanna join a hangout with me.


Special blog posts and pages:

Inspired by Jim Parsons – the actor inspires me a lot in my writing, these posts are tagged.

Spread love –Β If someone inspires you by something incredible or extraordinary, you can spread the love and share your story. Just send me a message and you will be featured on the ‘Spread love’ page.

Motivation is you – what motivates you? This is the place to spread motivation.

101 Writing class – giving tips in creative writing

Kids Writing – how to get kids involved in creative writing at school? – page and more info is coming soon –



Dark Horse – action series

Artist of Life – comedy series (scripts written so far can be requested via mail)

(A)waiting – play


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