What should be posted on Instagram and what better not?

Since Instagram was launched five years ago, it has become the favorite place on the Internet to share pictures. The 400 million monthly active users upload every single day about 80 million pictures. Since 2010 the users shared more than 40 billion pictures. And it keeps growing. But who posts what and what should betterContinue reading “What should be posted on Instagram and what better not?”

Thanks for giving

Though in some places it looks due to the snow more like tomorrow’s Christmas, it’s actually Thanksgiving. The weather report says that a winter storm will target the East coast. Flights might get canceled or delayed and even people who will head home by car might need even more time than usually. But it’s worthContinue reading “Thanks for giving”

The illusion of a perfect world

Once there were two universes: the TV and the internet. They were both expanding rapidly and they now move closer and closer to each other. But what will happen when they collide? Will only one of them survive? Will they both burst and create something new? Maybe something that no one can even imagine yet?Continue reading “The illusion of a perfect world”