Black lives matter too

Lately, I find more and more articles that are like: why do we only talk about black people, it should be called ‘all lives matter’. Well, this whole movement that we have right now – and I hope everyone who joins large groups to protest also thinks about safety precautions because Corona is still outContinue reading “Black lives matter too”


How can I help protecting the environment?

The Amazon rainforest wildfires, hurricanes in Florida, and the third hottest August on record show global warming is happening. This list shows what everyone can do to protect our planet.

What I believe

Do you believe in God? Or are you a scientist, who only believes in facts and numbers? Are these two entirely contradictory? Faith is very personal. I believe that not only Christians who go to church every Sunday have true faith. It’s about thinking of something that is uncertain, maybe that can never be provenContinue reading “What I believe”

You will never guess my greatest anxieties

The issue with anxieties is that most people cannot understand. Often I feel judged, so I keep my anxieties and insecurities to myself. On my Wordpress I am sharing my greatest anxious with you. I guess, you cannot guess what’s going on in my head.