Please don’t hate me

Are you anxious to show your true self, online or in real life? Why is there so much hate, or does it only seem to be that way. Read here why it’s hard for me to trust people, and what I think needs to change that we all feel less judged. I would definitely become more confident being myself then.


What makes social media so addictive?

People look at other people. They compare themselves, who looks better, who is smarter, who is richer, and so on. Statistics is full of numbers. How to compare things better than with emotionless figures? There is a unit for everything to measure it all. The question is: do we need all these numbers? Why isContinue reading “What makes social media so addictive?”

How to deal with cyber bullying

The sad truth is, too many have experienced cyber bullying and it happens not only to teens. Adults often become victims as well. I was also bullied once, and I watched a lot of shows like Catfish. I wanted to know why people are mean or pretend to be someone else online. This post isContinue reading “How to deal with cyber bullying”