How to make easy and colorful Easter decorations

Everyone is talking about one thing, and as serious as the situation is, and as sad as it is that we cannot meet and celebrate with our families (the usual way, there is still video chat), we should not forget about the beauty of Easter. These days are difficult, and it’s even more important toContinue reading “How to make easy and colorful Easter decorations”


Turning the negative into something positive

When a person says that someone is special to her, it is a positive thing. When a person sees someone and talks about him as being special, that person often means it in a negative way. Why? Both times people refer to another person and use the same word. What makes a word positive orContinue reading “Turning the negative into something positive”

Thank you

There is a lot to be thankful for, not only on Thanksgiving. I simply want to thank everyone in my life, who is supportive of me and my work. This is my present for you. Instead of investing much money, I chose to invest time, for you, because time is one thing money cannot buy.

Please let me be happy too

Love leads to happiness. Every person loves differently, because no one is entirely like the other. Instead of focusing on differences, people should be more aware of their similarities. On the inside, we are the same: we carry a heart, that wants to be loved, that wants to be happy.