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5 reasons for traveling on my own

5 reasons for traveling on my own

As fun as it can be to go to new cities and places with friends, I do this very rarely. Most of my friends simply do not get the same days off, don’t like the same places, or simply feel that traveling is a waste of money. Okay, I also have a bunch of friends who simply cannot afford to travel much or go far away. However, instead of staying at home all the time, I found some great reasons for me why I actually enjoy traveling alone.

1. I can go wherever I want.

I love planning my trip. I don’t want to see anything with some other guys, who tell me what I should see, when and for how long. I might find other things interesting. Advices are always welcome, but in the end, it’s my decision where to go and what to see. I honestly do not want to join a group of people, and doing a tour with them. I just enjoy to plan my own trip. At work, it is my boss telling me what to do, but when I am on vacation, I want to decide.


2. I decide the budget.

Some can spend more money on a vacation and some less. It depends on the expenses, and on the job. I do have friends who simply cannot afford traveling over sea. I get that, but it will not keep me from going to the places I love and want to see. Life is for living, not for waiting. I worked for it, and I can decide how I spend my money. I love traveling, and seeing new places, so why should I not take the opportunity?


3. There is no argument about the accommodation.

Some prefer the hotel, others simply need a small room with nothing but a bed. I need some comfort. I do not need a luxury hotel – and I cannot afford that anyway. On my vacation, I want to spend more money than usually, and I prefer a quiet, decent and not too cheap place. I mean, I want to enjoy my trip and bring home some wonderful memories. I can save money when I am back home again.


4. I can plan my day.

If I want to stay in bed a bit longer, I do that. There is no rush when I am on vacation. I do not want to hurry from one place to another. I want to take time. Some of my friends need less sleep than I do. Others simply want to constantly do something and cannot sit still for too long. I honestly love sitting on a bench at a park or somewhere, and simply enjoy what I do not have while working: time. However, people are different. Certainly, two people can make an arrangement, like: One day get up early, next day stay in bed longer. But who likes such conversations?


5. It is easier getting to know new people.

I love spending time with my friends, and when I am with them, I focus on them, mostly I only pay attention to them and not to anyone around us. It is not that easy for me starting a conversation with someone I do not know. When I travel on my own, I often simply feel to talk to people, and some even come to me and starting a conversation. That makes my trips even more special. I love to chat with locals or other travelers.

Me in the Colloseum in Rome

I have to admit, sometimes I do feel lonely on my trips and wish I could share these moments with someone. Many friends have promised me going to places with me, when I go with them to a destination of their choice first. I did my part, but mostly they did not go to where I wanted. We simply have different desires. At least I have one friend who every now and then travels with me, and I enjoy our trips as well.

For so long I held myself back. I even hated myself for not going to the places and cities I love. I do not need anyone. I refuse to have to wait any longer. It feels good being independent. My first solo trip was to New York, followed by Malta, Los Angeles, New York again and Rome. I just came back from the Italian capital city, and had a wonderful time. Experiences, memories, that I will treasure and that no one can ever take away from me.

Have you ever traveled on your own? Please share your experiences with me in the comments.


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Fear no fear – my way to happiness 

Fear no fear – my way to happiness 

Every new year people make plans, think of how they can improve their lives and get rid of bad habits. I usually made resolutions like eating more healthy, doing more sports, and meeting my friends more often. Just the typical things. This year I want to make things differently. I don’t wanna do what everyone else is doing. I was thinking of what kind of change I really need in my life. Why do I need it now? A ‘normal’ resolution doesn’t work for me, it’s too unpersonal. I am not eager enough to make them work, because it’s what I generally should do more, and maybe almost everyone, but to me New Year’s resolutions have to be more personal.  Continue reading “Fear no fear – my way to happiness “

The lost feeling

The lost feeling

There was darkness all around me. It embraced me like a coat, but instead of giving me warmth, it got colder the tighter it was to my body. How did I get there? I had no idea. I was all alone. There was no sound, there was just nothing. It felt as if someone took my eyesight. I was wandering around, trying to find the exit. I could not. I was walking a circle. I sat down, trying to breathe, trying to focus. There were these memories from a past that felt like another lifetime. I thought of colors, brightness and something that I could not remember when I felt it the last time. The darkness made me see more clearly after a while. Something was taken away from me, something that was way more important than my eyesight, and I wanted it back. My greatest fear was that I forgot I ever had this feeling, that I forgot it really existed, and was no fairytale. I cannot remember the last time I had it, but I still remember that I liked it, and I did not want to forget how happiness felt like. Continue reading “The lost feeling”

Do you want (to) make (it) up?

Do you want (to) make (it) up?

No matter if I look at a magazine, or watch TV, or if I only use Instagram – there are so many beauties everywhere. These perfect smiles, the super white teeth, rosy cheeks, and shiny eyes. And of course, all of them wear makeup. These days it is normal for most girls to start coloring their face at the age of 12. Why? Because they were told to only look beautiful with these colors. But can a girl not be pretty without making up her face? Continue reading “Do you want (to) make (it) up?”