The differences between Germans and Americans 

They are miles apart. The Atlantic Ocean is right between them. However, how much different are Germans and Americans actually? I do not want to focus much on politics or economics, but about the people. I was born and raised in Germany. I have relatives and friends in both countries. I love American TV showsContinue reading “The differences between Germans and Americans “

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures won the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a cast in a Motion Picture, because it is more contemporary as it seems. The movie is about unity, about putting aside our differences. Three women who fought for acceptance, who never gave up to believe in themselves and their abilities and made possible that John Glenn could orbit the earth. They also showed that woman can be equally as good as men as a mathematician or engineer, and black people deserve the same rights as white people.

What makes America really great

When I think of a country, I think of its people and how they interact with each other. America is one of the countries, that I think everyone knows, no matter where this person lives. It’s big, it has high influence on other countries, and it’s not only famous for Hollywood. Luckily, because as much asContinue reading “What makes America really great”