About me

I am Sanny Spear, a writer with a bachelor’s degree in PR-, Communication and Media Management. I am also a blogger since 2012, have written several scripts, poems and short stories. On this website I also show you new projects I currently work on besides the writing. I am interested in TV writing and producing and also watch lots of TV shows. Being in touch with writers and actors, helped me a lot in my writing. I use this page to help people getting creative, to show them it’s good to be themselves and follow their dreams. A idea that might sounds crazy at first is worth trying it anyway. It is only crazy and impossible until someone just does it.

In the years 2006 and 2007 I hosted a trivia web show in German, and shortly after I created my own social media platform. There I hosted several self-created shows, organized online events. I wrote my first musical “Friends Forever” in the year 2003 and my first play “Wie ein Märchen” (“Like A Fairytale”) in the year 2006. After that I wrote several short stories and poems and in 2012 I started my first blog.

Here is an overview of what I wrote so far: 

If you wanna read any of the scripts, please go to the ‘Contact me’ page and send a request. Thank you.
Just an act

Anxiety of Misfortune

Die kleine TräumerinGerman (The little dreamer)

Der Schwarz gekleidete ClownGerman (The black dressed clown)


Friends Forever

Wie ein Märchen – German (Like a Fairytale)



Der Anschlag – German (The plot) – short movie

What are you really looking for?

Artists of Life – comedy series


The Lighthouse

You are sailing on the sea,
It’s bright, the sun is shining.
A clear blue sky,
And look at the sea,
So calm and silent and peacefully.
You feel the warm wind on your skin
Being embraced by the sun.
You enjoy your day,
But there is something wrong.
Why can’t you see, the one you miss?
Why is the one you love not here with you.
Why not now?
Suddenly the wind gets stronger,
The sun seems to be afraid,
Hiding behind the clouds.
It gets dark, the sea creates huge waves.
You can’t see anything, just the dark.
You feel the cold water on your skin.
Everything you want is finding back to the coast.
Your thoughts were gone,
You stopped missing, you want to survive.
You want to guide your ship back safely,
As well as yourself.
And in the dark you are finally able to see a light.
The help you need, the reason you haven’t seen your love.
Standing like a lighthouse at the coast,
Guiding you back home.

Save you

I wish I could save you. I wish I could stay, but you know that I can’t. I never wanted to leave you. And I want you to know, I will never leave you completely. I will always follow you, no matter where you go. I didn’t want to tell you that I have to go, because I never wanted to hurt you. But since you figured it out, I feel something has changed.

I wish I could save you, honey. I wish I could take all the pain away from you. I don’t wanna see you suffering, I don’t wanna see your tears. I need you to smile. I wish I could tell you, it’s gonna be alright. I wish I could ease your pain. But I know that I can’t. I will forever be with you, forever by your side.

Please stop crying, honey, I don’t wanna cry. I want you to smile, I want you to go on for me. I hope you’ll never forget me, as I will never forget you. You’ve been the greatest and best, that ever happened to me. You made me alive. Please understand, that I have to leave. I would love to stay, so please just never forget me.

I will go on living in you. Stop crying, smile for me. Just one last time. I wish I could save you, I wish I could say that it’s gonna be alright. I wish I could ease your pain. I love to see your smile, I love to see you being happy. I still love you and forever will.



We are the people who we are, because of the people we are with.

Without the heart, human being is meaningless.

Words can cause more harm than a dagger.

A shadow can only exist where light is.

Shadow is a tiny spot surrounded by brightness.

A building doesn’t make home special, it’s like the heart, the people in there make it special.

Only one who’s filled with joy can make people smile.

We are all actors, but we should never get lost in our own acting.

The most people only look at a flower while blossoming. Only a very few take care of the flower when it’s recovering.

Here and now, this one moment, risen from the past, for remaining unforgotten in the future.

So you might not see a true friend all the time with your eyes but you do it with your heart.

You are never alone, because the people you love are always where you are. Your eyes can’t see them every time but your heart can.

Times goes by, time can change some things. Once time’s gone, it will never come back, but all good memories will remain forever.

The beauty of life isn’t found in its lenght, but in its intensity.

Everything can be healed except of human dignity.

You are old, when you spend more time with your memories, than with your dreams.

A shadow will never exist without sunlight.

Real cleverness doesn’t only depend on someone’s knowledge. It’s also the ability to show everyone what you can do.

A false friend is there for you in your good times, a true friend in your bad times.

Count and appreciate more the fun moments you have in life, than the sad ones.

As long as we still have hope in this dark-shaded world, we aren’t lost.

We are all actors, but only a very few know about it.

Wealth can’t be shown by the amount of someone’s money. Really rich is someone who has lots of love to share.

Friends are the family we can choose.

Even a piano is not always piano.

Nothing in our life is for granted. So keep focusing on the real important things in life.

My life’s just one step ahead.

I don’t wanna follow into someone’s footprints, I wanna leave behind my own.

Sometimes you have to use your fantasy, that you are able to see the reality.

And when she left the world, the only one standing beside her grave, is her unfulfilled dream.

Do what you wanna do right now, and stop saying ‘later’. Who knows if ‘later’ will come?

We are such optimistics, everything we wanna do, we wanna do it later.


It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show your love to the one you love.

Real love is when you found the person who shows you who you really are, when you are about to forget.

When I was falling, you came and taught me how to fly.

The more I know, the more beautiful you become and the more I love you.

A single candle standing in a cold and dark winter’s night, looking for fire to light up her life and make it worth living.

Without you I’d be like a song with no melody, like the sun without the power to shine.

Falling is not always a bad thing, falling in love is simply the greatest.

Two people, two hearts, two souls missed each other for a very long time. And then, one day they finally meet.

I wanna come home. So I wait patiently until that day you let me into your heart.

Only the one who has love in her heart can be loved.

Why do we first have to lose something until we realize how important it was?

Keep your eyes open and one day you’ll find the beauty of love. You will know it when the right person is in front of you.

Love is what makes us happy, what makes us human. So everyone should have equal rights to express her love.

Every morning I wake up beside you, it still feels like a dream to me.

It is good to love, but even better to be loved.

When the moon will leave with a smile on its face, you’ll know that I arrived.


You can’t predict the future but you can do everything to make your dreams come true.

Hope is the last thing to give up while walking on the path of life.

I left behind the scared child I once was and embrace the strong woman I became.

Life is not only about thinking, it’s about doing. Don’t live only in your mind, live in reality. Life’s an art.

Everyone who wants to learn flying has to fall first.

Sometimes you have to jump into a river and see where it will take you.

Don’t pretend to be someone else. Really impress can only those who have the strenght being themselves.

Never stop being yourself.

We are like fishes in the sea, but sometimes we have to try to jump out of the water, that we can see something else, and that someone else is able to see us.

You can’t win anything, without losing something.


Where my motivation is? Well, it kindly greeted me and walked away.

You wanna know my secret? But would it still be one if I’d tell you?

My motivation stayed in bed today – didn’t want to get up.

Why is it impossible to forget how to forget? I forgot.

My wallet says: I’m currently out of money. Why can’t my mind just say: I am currently out of problems?

I am a part-time optimist – but try to enlarge it into full-time.

My motivation went on strike with the sun.

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