How to deal with negative comments

Social media is for most people a wonderful place to get in touch with new people and stay in touch with friends who moved to another city or even country. Sharing pictures and articles about favorite actors, singers or places attract people with the same interests. However, it also attracts spam accounts or so called catfishes who pretend to be someone they are not (I will write more about why some people do that in a future blog post). Some of the people behind such accounts can be truly rude. They don’t think what they cause the person they are writing to, who often is insecure of how to deal with negative comments or messages.

The internet gives some guys the impression of being anonymous. They think they can say or do anything online without any consequences. However, even on the internet people have to obey certain rules. It’s a misbelief that people cannot be tracked down. The IP address is a good indicator. Some might try to hide it by using a VPN. With this, they can even pretend to be in another city or even country. However, some apps and programs detect when a VPN is turned on, so even that doesn’t make someone invisible online.

Negative comments can be hurtful. It doesn’t matter if someone is judging a person’s looks, or opinions. Especially on politics people can get really emotional and offensive. Some take it personally when one doesn’t like or does like a certain person. This can be in the media world or sports as well. Some might feel bothered how others feel, what they like, where they are going to, or who they love. This can lead to people sharing less or thinking twice what they should post or maybe better not.

Woman looking at her phone
Don‘t keep anyone from being who you are, in real life as well as on social media.

Don’t fear to be yourself

In real life, most of these rude guys would never say to that person what they write them. They feel vulnerable. There might be a confrontation they are not ready for. Just like them, the person who gets rude comments can simply block them. It’s the easiest way, especially because Instagram and Twitter don’t react quickly after reporting a spam account (other social media are maybe the same, but these are the ones I use the most). Even when someone posted something offensive, accounts don’t get blocked that easily. So, it’s best to write that person first, and when they don’t stop warn to block them or do it directly after getting a response or another rude comment.

When a person reads a negative or mean comment addressed to someone else, it’s most important to not react to it. Instead report and block that person, or send them a direct message. Maybe it was a misunderstanding or wrong translation as this person maybe wrote in a foreign language. This can happen all the time. When it happens more often, or depending on the reaction of that person to one’s response, then they should be simply blocked. When commenting to that, Instagram’s algorithm pushes it up to the top, making it visible to even more people, because the more react to it the more relevant Instagram “thinks” it is. Therefore, never reply to mean comments!

Two guys looking at their phones and reading comments or messages.
Boys and girls of all age groups can get negative comments.

Try not to take this personally

Okay, this is easier said than done, because some comments or messages can be truly hurtful. It doesn’t matter thinking that this person who is doing that maybe had been through the same before, or is mad at themselves for another reason. There is no excuse for harming others. However, one cannot control what others think of them, but only how they react to it. Mostly it’s not relevant, especially when someone doesn’t know that person. People love to judge, most of all strangers. They don’t care about the person they are judging, they don’t care about their feelings, so one should not care about those hurtful words (though they do hurt, I have been there!). People writing mean comments and messages don’t know what the person they are writing is going through. They only see what they want to see, or interpret the way they want to.

If one gets too many rude or spam comments, it might be better to set the account privat, at least for a while. Social media is supposed to be a positive place, where people can share mutual interests. If one feels that they cannot post what they want to or think more of what their followers might like, maybe a break from social media will help. Another way is to make content only available for trusted followers. It’s also important to talk to a friend or family member about this. There might be even help groups on social media or in the “real world”. Exchanging with others can help and is better than keeping things to themselves. A social media account is there to represent a person. Everyone can share whatever they want as long as it’s not rude or discriminating others.

Have you ever gotten a rude comment? How did you react to it? Please share with me in the comments or send me a message if you don’t want to share publicly.

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