How serious is Corona really?

It is everywhere in the news. Everyone talks only about Corona. Some might think the media is exaggerating, but in Europe and India, more and more schools gets closed, flights get canceled. Italy has been closed down. People from Europe can no longer travel to the US. Many countries closed their borders. Italy ordered all businesses to close, except for pharmacies, grocery stores and banks. Most trade shows and public events with more than 1,000 people are postponed or even canceled. People should travel less, avoid restaurants or going to places with huge crowds. Are these actions only precautions or necessary?

First, there is no need to panic. It all sounds scary, but fear and anxiety are bad for the immune system while positivity strengthens it. So, think healthy thoughts.

Some people buy groceries that can last a few months or even years, but even when people would be stuck in their homes, there will be ways to deliver food. Buying more than a household needs would take it away from those who cannot buy that much at once because of less money for example. Some people even take sanitizers from hospitals, because they cannot buy them at their stores anymore. However, patients in hospitals are already sick and therefore more likely to die from Corona than healthy people. So please think of others. Especially kids and teenagers often don’t show symptoms even when they carry the virus. Hospitals like in the Houston area changed their policies because of Corona. They allow inpatients having only two visitors at a time, and no visitors under 18 years.

The Corona symptoms are comparable to the flu with breathing difficulties, coughing and fever. If you have any of these symptoms, please call a doctor. Do not just go to the practice, because the virus, if you really have it, is contagious. A doctor is in touch with many patients who have weak immune systems. They are especially endangered to get the Corona virus and even die from it. That is why it is important to go not just to the doctor, where patients wait for their appointments, but rather call first and ask what to do.

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The reason Corona spreads this fast is because some people do not take it seriously enough. Some people might have symptoms but go to work anyway, because they need the money or fear to lose their jobs. However, the more people are infected, the worse it gets for a company. That is the reason why many tech companies like Google and Apple tell their staff to work from home because of Corona.

How to protect yourself from Corona?

  • Do not shake hands.
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after touching something that many people touch, like doorknobs.
  • Avoid large crowds.
  • Exercise. A healthy immune system is the best protection. (Corona is a virus, so antibiotics won’t help.)
  • Drink enough water and eat nutritious food. Avoid dairy products and fast food.
  • Don’t come too close to strangers, like in restaurants, trains, buses, etc.
  • When you are over 65 or have a weak immune system, stay at home as much as you can. Let your kids/parents/friends do whatever you need to do where you can get in touch with many other people.

Right now, it seems like we are all in this Hollywood movie with a villain called Corona, who wants to destroy humanity. We are waiting for that superhero, a cure that will save us. Doctors and scientists do their best to work on a vaccine. Some patients are cured already. That number is increasing but even more is still the amount of newly infected worldwide (it’s decreasing in China, more than 70 % are considered cured now). The number of new cases has to decrease everywhere to get it under control.

When will Corona stop?

Well, now everything is just an estimation. If you wonder if you should cancel your travel plans, business or leisure, it depends on where you plan on going. Avoid Italy and China for now. Other countries should still be safe, as long as you do not go to big gatherings. If there is an outbreak at your hotel, you might be under quarantine and the doctors there will check everyone. These precaution measurements can happen everywhere and anytime these days. It is for your own safety. If you show symptoms, you will be isolated in a hospital and get the best treatment there.

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Is Corona serious?

Yes, it is, but there are treatments already, so getting it does not put anyone instantly on a deathbed. Most people survive this. A healthy immune system is the key. Just stay calm. Observe the precaution measurements, watch out for people around you. Report when you show symptoms or if you are unsure about having the flu or Corona. Please consider you could have the virus and not show any symptoms. So avoid large crowds and public events, or visiting a patient if not really necessary. Together we can all be part of that superhero that will destroy this villain for good.

This article by the Guardian gives you further valuable info on Corona.

How is the situation in your country? Are you scared or insecure? Please leave me a comment.

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4 thoughts on “How serious is Corona really?

  1. Corona is serious and we need to accept that! People are like flu kills more and accidents and stuff put more people to death. Yes they do and yes we should do something about them but we can’t compare them! The situation in our country is alarming day by day. Over 70 cases now, yesterday it was 40 something,how fast this virus infects! The situation in Italy is heartbreaking! The numbers are government officiated so the real number is always high than that.
    Hope this ends soon! This news creates panic,for sure I got anxious and panic ,but we have to know that panicking and fussing about it won’t help us. Prevention is the biggest task now there is no medicine or vaccines. We together have to fight this❤️

    1. It is serious. The virus spreads very fast, that is the reason for all these precautions. I get that people are anxious, but most people who get Corona will get cured. We just have to be careful and look out for each other. Many countries still don’t really take it seriously, but more and more close their borders, restrict traveling and cancel events. I think it’s the right thing to do for now. The situation in Italy is really bad. I hope we will get this under control soon. I think we will. Together we can do this ❤️

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