Hope for unity

Hope for unity

Imagine you get the chance to time travel, would you love to go back in history or prefer to have a look at the future? The good thing about history is that you clearly know what to expect. The future will surprise you, it’s just not so certain in which way. You will maybe find out if you have improved your life or if your country have made any positive progress or turned into a complete mess.

So, today is the election day. You have the power to decide. But what will you do? Maybe going back in time feels more secure when you fear the future. But what are you afraid of? Losing your job? Getting sick and can’t pay your bills? The future is scary because there is no forecast like for the weather. You can’t exactly predict what and when it will happen. So maybe you run into unprepared situations and feel to be unable to cope with it.

Who’s better – Mommy or Daddy?

Can a man do a job better than a woman? Is a man allowed to say or do whatever he wants and people are okay with this, but a woman is judged on a different level? Where does even the expression “do it like a girl” come from, and more importantly, why does it mean to do something in a bad way?

Women can do everything as great as men. Yes, maybe even harm. But do you want to be judged by something, just because of your gender? Or just because of you skin color, your religion, or the place you come from? I don’t think that one should be called a liar by someone who’s also constantly lying. She should not be treated differently than him, or vice versa.

Who’s perfect?

When you use the time machine and go back in history, you will notice many people did lots of mistakes. Even when you think about your own last years, you have to admit, there are things you regret. There are maybe things you aren’t proud of, things you did or said. Truth is, there is no time machine to undo the bad things. Maybe even you learned something afterwards which you wouldn’t have, if you did it right in the first place. And even if there was a time machine, you would probably want to go to a different time than me, and we all would live in unique time lines. Life is to be spent together and not in solitude.

Whatever you do, it’s your own decision. And you have to take it. Other people might not agree with you, but there is no need to hate each other “only” because of opposite opinions. Two people can’t think exactly alike, because they are not exactly alike. Our planet would be so boring, life itself would be boring, if everyone was just the copy of the other. And how would you even figure out who’s the original? So instead of hating each other, it would be better to accept the other person just the way he or she is. Because you also want to be treated with respect, don’t you? When you don’t want to be judged, what makes you think it’s okay to judge others?

You can’t be heard when you stay silent

It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, black or white, gay or straight, Democrat or Republican. What I don’t like about this election is that it spreads so much hate. I can’t wait for it to be over. Aren’t we supposed to be a unity? I really hope for this hate to stop. This election feels more and more like some sort of crazy race, like it’s just about winning, no matter how, instead of caring about the country and its people. It’s more about who is more dangerous, who’s the greater liar or even the greater threat.

The USA is a democracy which means that the people decide, you decide. So if your country matters to you, think of the time machine, but focus on the future. How do you want it to be, and who do you think is better to lead it towards that? It’s an election, and no matter who will win, we all have to accept it. The majority decides, and the minority should not be upset. This is not a game. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s not about being right or wrong. You decide about the future of your country. Think of your kids, think of the better role model which a president should be. In which world do you want your kids to grow up? Make a decision and don’t keep it to yourself. Go voting!


One thought on “Hope for unity

  1. What many people don’t realize is that the US is not a democracy, it’s a representative republic, and Our presidential election is not decided by a popular majority vote, it is decided by an electoral college. Our Constitution was modeled this way to protect against mob rule.

    I agree with much of what you said here, though. I think it was out of fear that many people chose who to vote for in this election. We fear uncertainty and what we can’t control. We fear what is different. Fear is the true source of hate. From fear and insecurity arise blame and anger. I am praying that we can move past our fear and seek to understand our differences. If we each were only to respond to each other with love in our daily lives and put our trust in a loving God rather than in fear-mongering politicians, maybe we would find the unity of which you speak.

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