Slow down living on the fast-lane

Slow down living on the fast-lane

These days everything is fast. And I am not talking about cars. Life is. All the time every one seems to be on the run. Not because they are followed on several social media networks, no. It seems that there is simply no time for living anymore. First thing in the morning is not to get up, and the last thing in the evening is not to turn off the lights anymore. The first and the last things in most people’s lives are actually the same. And you maybe do them, too.

People check their phones all the time. They are not really waiting for something, they just think to miss something important if they don’t permanetly look at it. But this behavior can be very dangerous like when a person crosses the street and looks at her phone. Many accidents happen that way to the so called “head down” people. There are even apps available that warn them to not run into street lamps or litter bins. These guys who are doing that, feel as it’s the worst when they are not among the first persons who get an information. But do they really need that one? Only a few decades ago, people were listening to the radio or reading the newspapers to stay informed. But who has time to wait for the news he or she wants to know? Who even has time to read?

I love reading, and I am not talking about tweets or Instagram comments. I love these networks, but they are filled with information and pictures. Most of them are useless, many of them were shared so often, that make me hope I won’t have to read or see them anymore. There are always new things showing up in every social network. It was not even a year ago,  I had such days when I spent hours in there. Afterwards I honestly felt bad that I wasted my time for so long. I mean, it’s good to check it now and then and post something, but it should stay what it is: an addition to my life, and not a replacement. 

I love sitting in the grass and reading a book.
 When was the last time you read a book? Have you ever heard of a “slow reading club”? People meet up, and everyone reads their own books. Slowly of course. Phones have to be turned off. Focus only on the story in their books. But not an eBook, a real one, that doesn’t need to be charged. I love the idea. Unfortunately there is not such a club anywhere near I live right now, so maybe I’ll create one. It’s all about reading, and most importantly, to take time for that. 

We tend to do everything so fast. We look at our phones all the time, because we think we miss something. But don’t we miss our own, real life, by doing so? We know that life is limited, so we don’t want to take time, we want to keep it. We put so much in only a few hours, we want to get as many things done as possible, but what for? And what do we do with the time we saved? 

Sometimes it is good to focus on life. Take your time to enjoy the things you like. Don’t feel bad about it when you spent an entire day offline. Life is fast enough – I could not believe this as a kid, but I know it now, as an adult. It’s good to slow down from time to time, to simply enjoy the journey. To relax from all the messages and all the information that crashes all over me. They can turn into tidal waves. So sometimes I leave the highway. Look for a curvy sideroad. It takes longer, but I can fully enjoy the ride. 

When it gets warmer I’ll go to the park, and turn off my phone. I will sit on a bench or in the grass, listening to the song of the birds, feeling the wind, closing my eyes, and inhaling the moment. Then I will open my book and start reading, slowly, in silence.


One thought on “Slow down living on the fast-lane

  1. Hi Sanny! I love the idea of a slow reading club, mostly because I also love reading, and I am very slow at it. I don’t have any sort of iPad or e-reader. I love books with pages in them! I love the sound of the pages turning, the smell of the paper, and the way it feels under my fingers. I always carry a giant handbag with me wherever I go, with at least two pens and two pencils (must have a backup!) and a book and my journal. And my phone of course, but having a book and my journal are almost more important than my phone. And I always have another book by my bed. I think one of the reasons that I’m such a slow reader is because I’m always reading about three or four books at the same time. There are just too many good ones and I am too impatient to wait to finish one before k start another! Plus, I love savoring my books, so I guess it doesn’t bother me that it takes me awhile to finish them. I hope that you do start your slow reading club! It sounds like a wonderful idea!

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