Can you see the beauty?

Can you see the beauty?

Easter is a wonderful time of the year. Kids look for eggs, the symbol of new life. Colorful eggs that represents all the beauty of an unborn but already existing life. I love spring so much, because the nature awakens. After resting in winter, where everything was so dark and grey and cold, life comes back in all its colors. The meadows turn from white to green, little daisies and other flowers start to blossom, as well as the trees. The bees start to buzz, the birds sing their songs again, the wind is gently touching my skin. I feel the sun rays, and I am instantly in a better mood. The days get warmer and longer, and I enjoy my time outside. Can there be anything better?
As a kid I enjoyed the egg hunt. Nowadays my eggs are simply the little things in life. The older I become the more I noticed that I take many things for granted, like all the trees, the insects, the clouds. It became somehow just normal that everything is the way it is. When I was a child, everything was new to me. I was running around, exploring the world with all my senses. I wanted to touch the leaves, smell the grass, threw little stones while walking through the forest. I was staring at the sky, looking at the birds flying up there. And these days I have found myself often just walking, barely noticing what’s actually around me. All the little lives, all the little big miracles. But now I want to open my eyes more to the nature’s beauty again.

When and why did I stop to no longer be this excited about life? Do I only care about new things? But something new makes the nature not less precious. The beauty is still out there.

I noticed a while ago, that I simply couldn’t really appreciate the beauty of it all anymore, or I just didn’t. I only noticed that people these days are more focused on little screens. Even when they walk through the woods, some guys seem to need their phones everywhere. The internet is the new vast wonderland. But what happened to the real world? Are these people all fed up with it? Are they bored? Can’t they like anything without a like button anymore? Why do they lose interest in something that is around us every day?

I love to dive into this second world from time to time, but I will never completely miss the first world. I want to try to embrace more the beauty of everything around me. I want to be this little kid again, excited for the little things and don’t take them all for granted. The Easter eggs I am looking for are all around, and I try to find them not only during the holidays. The colorful little lives. The beauty of life is life itself. Can you see it?

I love spring, because it’s like a new life just started. Every year happens this magical moment, the rebirth of nature. If only more people could understand and see this beauty.

What do you love about Easter and the spring? What is your favorite season? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. 


2 thoughts on “Can you see the beauty?

  1. Happy Easter, Sanny! I love this post. I especially love your metaphor, “my eggs are simply the little things in life.” As the spring begins to warm up, I am starting to take more walks outside. For the first time in a long time, I noticed that I always walk everywhere in SUCH a hurry. There are many young kids in my neighborhood, and I was watching them play and remembering what it was like when I was little and would just get lost in the woods for hours staring at pine needles and tiny flowers. Everything was curious. Everything sparked my imagination. I want to be able to recapture that imaginative childish way of looking at the world!

    P.S. When I leave my phone at home on these walks sometimes I think of the blog post that you wrote about limiting distractions. Thanks for the excellent writing. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Lulu, I’m so sorry for replying so late. Thanks so very much for commenting, and your kind words. They always make me smile. I hope you enjoyed the holidays.
      Glad that you liked my “Easter eggs” metaphor and that you think about my blog post on your walks. Means a lot to me 🙂

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