Do you want (to) make (it) up?

Do you want (to) make (it) up?

No matter if I look at a magazine, or watch TV, or if I only use Instagram – there are so many beauties everywhere. These perfect smiles, the super white teeth, rosy cheeks, and shiny eyes. And of course, all of them wear makeup. These days it is normal for most girls to start coloring their face at the age of 12. Why? Because they were told to only look beautiful with these colors. But can a girl not be pretty without making up her face?

How much makeup do you need to look naturally? Actually, nothing. It’s modern to wear makeup and to look like you don’t have anything on your face. But why do girls then even use mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow? I don’t really get it. I started using mascara when I was 19 and began my working life. Before that, I simply didn’t feel the need to do it. I’ve also never been one of those girls who does something only because everyone else is doing it.

What makes a girl really beautiful?

I do not want to sound like I was judging people wearing makeup. I do like it now, too, at least a bit. Sometimes I have such days when I want to use different colors, and I simply spend some time in front of the mirror. It’s really like getting dressed for me. But I don’t want to use too many cosmetics, and I make sure that they weren’t tested on animals (I’m not a vegan when it comes to food, but I don’t want to support people who let animals serve as guinea pigs).

Every girl can do with her face what she wants. Even men can wear makeup if they want to. But I don’t think young girls should be told that they need this. And even not in such an early age as 12, when they are still kids and not even teenagers. Fact is, that the beauty industry tells us how the ideal woman is supposed to look like. Teenage girls want to look like older, and every woman wants to look like being in their 20s. Women should get frustrated that they don’t look “perfect”, so they tend to try every possible product, and spend hundreds of dollars in cosmetics every year.

When I see a celebrity who I like, I often think: she is so beautiful. And then I wish I could look like her. But then I look into the mirror and think that I might simply be fed up with me. I mean, I have to see my face every single day. I just got used to it. And this girl who I think is an effortless beauty, probably thinks the same about herself. She might has someone else she wishes to be or look like.

And there is even one more thing I learned during my studies of PR, communications and media management. The most important tool to make someone pretty is photoshop. Every, really every, picture of any magazine is edited. And even on Instagram most girls use several apps to look “better”. So, always keep that in mind when you feel yourself less pretty than others.

I think many girls use makeup as some sort of mask; maybe it makes them feel less vulnerable or they want to hide their true selves.

As a woman I feel forced to care about my look. And often enough I feel like being reduced to just that. A girl has to be beautiful. But what actually makes someone pretty? Can it not also be her character? Isn’t it more important how a girl treats other people? Most super models might be beautiful in men’s eyes, but to me they look like made for the industry. They are just walking Barbie dolls or skeleton mannequins.

Every girl is beautiful who is happy with herself, confident, appreciates who she is, and knows, that she is not reduced to her look. People who really matter love her for simply being herself.

To me, my face is not a coloring book. I love to put mascara, some lipstick and sometimes even eye shadow on. But that’s it. Every girl can decide what to do, but she should never do anything because she thinks she has to. Men should not be judged wearing makeup and women or girls should not be judged when they don’t want to make up their faces.

What do you think? Do you use makeup? Please share your thoughts below. Thanks for reading. -Sanny


2 thoughts on “Do you want (to) make (it) up?

  1. I love (LOVE!) that you pointed out the way that photo-editing and strategic marketing sell a certain look, which is generally unattainable for anyone naturally, even with the aid of makeup. What they teach women (and children, and everyone else who is exposed to the culture) is that they are not good enough. So, like you wrote, we spend hundreds (or thousands, or more!) dollars striving to change ourselves, because we don’t think that we are worthwhile the way that we are. Yes, I do use makeup. I’m insecure about the way my skin looks. It’s very pale and is marked by acne and old scars, so I never leave the house without foundation and blush, even if I am only headed to the gym. However, I’m gradually adjusting to letting people see me without my concealer. All my red marks and splotches and scars. At first, it was only my immediate family, but then I started to let others see me that way, too. I realized, many people struggle with skin just like mine, and those who don’t worry about some other imperfection or insecurity. I do like to “do up” my eyes with mascara, and often I wear eye shadow, too. The rest I save for special occasions or times when I’m getting very dressed up.

    1. You are beautiful the way you are, Lulu. There is no need to feel insecure. Though I totally understand. The media often makes me feel bad about myself, insecure, ugly in some way and simply not like the others. For so long, especially as a teenager I thought that only I have imperfections. Now I know, that every woman has her flaws. And isn’t it the imperfection that makes someone perfect? I don’t want to look like a supermodel. I wear makeup the way I want to, and not how any beauty magazine writes about.
      Thank so very much for your comment, Lulu.

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