Like a lost child

Like a lost child

Ask my little me what I wanted to become when I grew up, I might have said Peter Pan. Just because he stays a child forever. Well, these days, I know that being an adult is something I could not really understand as a kid. In fact, I did think that I would never get older. I lived in something like a bubble. The future seemed so far away. As kid there is one thing passing by so slowly, so you think you have it endlessly: time.

Okay, I am still very young and I don’t think that I wasted most of my time. But I appreciate it more these days. I gained some knockledge in many things, and I want to profit from it. I don’t think that learning is just for kids, and as an adult there is no room for making stupid things from time to time. Being an adult is not always fun, but at least sometimes it can be.

Children take their times to explore the world, they are curious and fascinated by the little things, that most adults can’t see anymore, because they take them for granted.
One of my favorite shows on TV is The Big Bang Theory. I’m watching it for more than five years. The journey of these guys is amazing and I love the show’s main message: that grown ups can keep their childish side. Certainly, every Sheldon would have lots of trouble being like that in real life, but I love that he is like a grown up toddler. He is so smart, and also seems to know nothing about real life.

There are so many shows and movies about superheros these days, like Supergirl, The Flash, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, only to name a few and those I watch. Adults also love fantasy, not only Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. One of the currently most popular shows on TV is Game of Thrones. I think this shows pretty much, that sometimes adults need to distract themselves from their own lives. They want to escape in a world far away, where everything seems to be possible. What can be more exciting than that?

I’m not sure if The Big Bang Theory was the Big Bang on TV, bringing more guys with superpowers on the screen, or those who are super smart. People now embrace their inner child. The show also encourages many young kids to continue going to school, to learn and to be more interested in science. I spoke to many fans who said that they wanted to study physics because they are fascinated by it since watching the show.

The life as a grown up can be pretty stressy and sometimes messed up, too. So it’s good to laugh at guys who have probably even more problems. And what’s better than watching someone who feels okay being who she is, though she is not the “typical” adult who is only reasonable all the time? I think it’s good to know that there are not many picture-perfect adults out there.

Grown ups can read comic books and play with actions figures if they want to. I love to sometimes goof around with my friends and don’t take everything too seriously all the time. Of course I would not do that at work. I want to keep the balance, looking like an adult, but in my heart I’d like to keep my inner child and want to release it from time to time.

Not everyone has or had a happy childhood. And not everyone can express their inner child from time to time.
I’m glad that I’m able to do that. Being an adult makes me realize how lucky I am to live these days and that I did not live in the times during or after the second world war (or any other war that involved the country I live in). I know as much as some people in Western Europe and America love to play games like Call of Duty, some children who live right now are involutarily in something similar to the game, but for them it’s the bloody reality. That’s the reverse of the medal. We can still be kids now and then even after we grew up, but some kids can never be kids, not even during their own childhood.


2 thoughts on “Like a lost child

  1. Hi Sanny! I hope that you’re enjoying a good weekend. I like your balanced perspective and your appreciation for both the whimsical and the serious. I hope that you never lose touch with your inner child!

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