How many likes do you need to like yourself?

You might know that Sunday is Valentine’s Day, so it’s all about love. Well, to me, this day has never been special, I never celebrated it. I think it’s more of a money making day for the industry. When I love someone, I show this person that I do. I don’t need a special day for that. I love the fact that Valentine’s Day is made for showing love to each other – something we show way too less.

Showing love is not about giving someone expensive gifts. It’s less about giving presents, than more about being present. And it’s not a “couples only” holiday. But because most guys think it’s to celebrate with “the one and only true love”, this is to my future boyfriend: don’t think you have to buy me jewelry, the most precious is your love – and I do not write that because it sounds more romantic, I am serious about it. I don’t consider myself being romantic at all. I do not like love movies, I’m not much into candle light dinners and I hate to get a bunch of flowers. I don’t want a cadaver either, why would I be happy to see dead flowers withering? I prefer living plants in a pot. (You don’t have to get it, I know that most girls love to get flowers.)

If you love a bunch of flowers, you can decorate your table like that.

I want to be honest with those few who probably accidentally stumbled upon this blog post. So if you read this: I couldn’t really love someone until I was happy about me and my life. When I think back, a decade ago, I compared myself to everyone on the Internet. I had my websites, but I never wrote about me, never posted a picture of me. It was all only fan stuff like my favorite singer back then. I felt insecure about me, thought no one would care about me anyway. I even had the feeling to scare people off if they saw my real face. Now I can post pictures and write about my thoughts, but I still have issues posting videos of me presenting my new projects – but I am working on overcoming that anxiety.

I still have the feeling that sometimes I am not good enough, not smart enough, not healthy enough, not beautiful enough for like Instagram – I am one of the very few girls who hate selfies – at least it seems to be like that. I would never buy such a stick, but I am not judging those who use it. It just doesn’t work for me. I already feel that I look kind of stupid taking a picture of me without such a “longer arm”.

Anyway: for so long I thought it only matters what people online think of me instead of what I think of myself. My family and friends I meet up in real life are the ones I actually care about. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like a like online. I like myself the way I am. I know I have flaws, that’s fine. I have bad days and good ones. So, even if you are, like me, not in a relationship, don’t think there is no one you can treat especially well on Valentine’s (or any other) day.

  1. Do what you wanted to do for so long. For example, visit friends, or family members you haven’t seen for a while. If they live too far away, take enough time for a phone call lasting longer than only a few minutes.
  2. Take a bath, make a wellness day with nice soaps, a glas of whine and some chocolate.
  3. Enjoy the day outside. Go wherever you want, like the lake nearby, the forest, etc.
  4. Write on post-it’s what you like about yourself and put them on your mirror. Every day you will be reminded of your positive things and focus on them. Ask your friends to write you some post-it’s – they will make you smile even more. And gives you every day a little Valentine’s Day feeling.

Enjoy Valentine’e Day. It’s a special day to celebrate love. Don’t forget about the true meaning of love, and that you cannot only love the one. You can love your parents, your friends, your kids if you’re already a Mom or a Dad. And most important: you can love yourself!

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12 thoughts on “How many likes do you need to like yourself?

  1. Sanny, what a beautiful post! I love your clear honesty, especially how forthright you are about your past struggles against insecurity and need for external validation. I used to feel very similarly, and I hated Valentine’s Day (especially because I am perpetually single). But, like you, I’m moving past all of that. Last year, I renamed Valentine’s Day, “I Love ME Day,” and I spent the day doing little acts of self care and reconnecting with friends, just like you suggested. This year, I am planning the same approach. I’m actually in the airport right now waiting on the flight that will bring me to visit one of my best friends, and I wrote a dozen Valentine’s cards to other friends to tell them I was thinking of them. You are right about this type of approach feeling so much better! I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, that you find time to treat yourself, and that you are able to be with those you love the most. Take care! ❀️

    1. Thanks so much, Lulu. I love your new name for Valentine’s Day. It’s to celebrate love, and who says that it’s only for couples? It’s about doing what you love, spending time with those you love. Have a great day, enjoy the time with your friends. I’m sure they love your cards and appreciate them a lot. That’s very sweet of you and more personal than my texts or whatsapp messages.
      Have a great flight and a very happy “I love me day” πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for the nomination. I will participate, I love to share quotes. I hope I don’t have to do this right now – I will need some time to pick my favorites. πŸ˜‰
        Take care, Lulu.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Lulu, for mentioning my blog post. Glad you like it so much, means a lot to me. I will read your post this weekend, and comment of course.
      Have a wonderful weekend. Take care. 😊

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