What makes America really great

What makes America really great

When I think of a country, I think of its people and how they interact with each other. America is one of the countries, that I think everyone knows, no matter where this person lives. It’s big, it has high influence on other countries, and it’s not only famous for Hollywood. Luckily, because as much as I love watching some TV shows and movies, I think that most of the superstars are more fake than real; or at least they show a different person than the one they actually are.

When I was in New York last year for the first time, I got in touch with many Americans. I can only say that they were kind and gentle. They love to simply chat, they smile and seem to be happy people. I know some of them struggle a lot, doing two jobs or even three to earn enough money for paying their bills and feeding their families. On social media I’ve been in touch with many Americans over the years, and I’ve always admired how tough they are. They never give up. They keep trying when something doesn’t work out in first place. They are open-minded, creative, and funny as well.

I don’t think that there’s any need to make America great again, because it already is. Certainly it’s not perfect, but if you seek for perfection, well, you will not even find it in Hollywood. Americans are fighters, they love to live in the land of the free. Over the years they’ve achieved so much, like the Internet or cell phones. Both became so important, that most people can’t live without them any more. Okay, the slavery is the bad side, but every country has its dark part of history. America is also the country that released Germany from this insane weirdo 70 years ago. Americans helped the Germans to get back on their feet, supported them, gave them a second chance, alongside the Britons and French people. Some might still call the Germans the N-word, but most guys know that the ones living these days, can’t be held responsible for what some of their ancestors did. It’s the dark part of their history.

The beautiful Lake Tahoe in Nevada is one of many wonderful places in the USA, pic by D. Sharon Pruitt
So, if someone tells you that America isn’t great right now, I think he might live in a different world. Maybe in such, where you consider a small loan to be “just” one million dollars. How can someone seriously think he could lead a country, when he has no idea of how most Americans live? Can such a person really understand their worries? And is a wall between the USA and Mexico really necessary? There had once been a wall through Germany, and where did that lead to? What kind of person is someone whose priority seems to be to only put people down instead of saying what he will do to improve people’s lives? And is he seriously thinking every problem can be solved with money?

I am not here to judge, nor do I want to choose any sides. I am not American, and so I’m not allowed to vote in November anyway. But these are thoughts I simply ask myself, and I decided that it was worth a blog post. You don’t have to agree with me, of course, and I hope you won’t judge me either. When a person wants something from someone else, he can promise her unicorns, but mostly she will not even get a donkey. It’s just that in the past years, I’ve dealt with people trying to fool me. Since that, I listen more carefully to others. And watching the debating, I wonder if maybe, politics is just another Hollywood movie.


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