The power of love

The power of love

First of all I wish all my readers a very happy new year 2016. I hope it will bring you lots of joyful moments with the people you love and care about. This is my first post in 2016, and like many people at the beginning of a new year, I was thinking to write about resolutions. Not the typical ones, like to eat more healthy or to do more sports, which I should definitely do too, but something that is more important because it is not only about me. It has not only an impact on my life. It is about that one indescribable something that consists of nothing but means everything. Something that can’t be touched with one’s hands, but it certainly can be felt in many ways. And everyone should know how it feels like. 

When I think of 2015, I think of all the great people that I met, my trip to New York, and all the wonderful time I was able to be around the best people in the world. Okay, many write that about their families and friends, and I do not know all seven billion people living on this planet to make an accurate comparison, but I love everyone I have in my life. They make me laugh, they support me, encourage me and cheer me up whenever I need them.

Since my grandma passed away in the year 2000, I often thought about the miracle of life. How grateful I felt that I got the chance to meet her. Because when she was diagnosed with cancer I was only two years old, and the doctors gave her just a few more months. But my grandma kept fighting for ten years. She became one of my role models. I do miss her, still, after all these years, but I will never forget her. I wanna thank her for being part of my life, for allowing me to get to know her. 

Caring for each other is what really matters.
 She reminded me of how precious and limited my time is. Though I am still in my twenties and healthy, I know everything can change in a sudden. Every person, every single life, is a miracle. What someone is capable of can sometimes even be scary. I shockingly realize that whenever I watch the news on TV. I often wonder if people become meaner. Why are there so many wars? Why is there so much hate? And most important: where is the love?

Love is what makes us most powerful, to overcome fear, doing something that we never thought we could. Love can make the impossible possible. It is the reason we live, it is what keeps us alive. And there is not only that one kind of love. Though there must be nothing more special than living with that person who makes you feel complete. 

In 2015 I chose to make Social Media my main topic here. But now I decided that in 2016 I want to go back to write more personal stuff. And I will share more of my stories with you, what happens in my life, my thoughts, as well as my creative writing, because this is still what I enjoy the most. As much as I like journalism, working with facts and figures, there is nothing more freeing than my mind unleashed. I will continue posting every Friday. But instead of putting Social Media in the center, I will focus more on the people.

Love should always be kept in your heart.
 After watching this year’s People’s Choice Awards, I had to add Ellen’s speech to this post. She got the humanitarian award for helping, and most important, listening to many people when they needed her. Like in the story I shared with you in my previous post about the true meaning of Christmas, I became a listener a while ago. I do not judge someone before I tried to understand her. I want to hear her out. I want to listen to her story. People look away too often, mostly they don’t even try to face something, maybe because they are scared not knowing what to do or simply don’t want to understand. These guys mostly focus on themselves only. They complain about everything they don’t have instead of cherishing what and who they have in their lives.

Spreading love by listening, by caring and by not turning away is so important. Even more when the world seems to get colder, because of the scary part humankind is capable of. Why fighting, when all we want is peace? Helping others like Ellen, does not mean to donate millions of dollars. It is simply being there for someone. Because of my grandma, I don’t take anyone for granted. And if I needed help, I would be glad someone’s willing to. No life without love, no love without life. I wanna do more of realizing what I, as a single person, can do. Just like Ellen, it is so simple, and also so effective: make someone happy, crack a smile. Best award to get.


5 thoughts on “The power of love

  1. I want to New York it was amazing. I feel the same way my uncle just pass and its made me look at life with new eye. Keep posted, I am looking forward to seeing what you bring to 2016 . I think you granny and my uncle will be looking down bless us this year xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry for your loss.
      I love New York a lot, and I want to go there again. It’s an amazing city and I met very friendly people there.
      Thanks for your kind words. I wish you a wonderful 2016. Xo

  2. What a beautiful post!!! I cannot think of a better commitment in 2016 than to dedicate the year to love! ❤️ For my part, I try very hard to live every day this way, too. I try to listen without judging and to be present for other people, especially when they are hurting, even if I don’t know that person or if there is nothing I can do. Sometimes, it is very hard to not turn away because it does feel very overwhelming, but when that happens, all we can do is try again. I cannot wait to read more of your heartfelt thoughts and personal stories. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman who shared great love and wisdom with you, and you have great love and wisdom to share with the world. Happy 2016, Sanny!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and your thoughts on my post, Lulu. My grandma was a very special person and very important to me. She was such a fighter. She never wanted us to see in how much pain she was. She was smiling, appreciated her additional time with us, and never lost her smile. That’s very inspiring for me, because too often I took things for granted. But every life is special and so I love to listen to people and their stories. And what can be better than putting somehow a smile on someone’s face?

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