Privacy or safety – what’s more important?

Privacy or safety – what’s more important?

After the attacks on Paris last Friday, November 13, everyone is still in shock. More police officers are patrolling, and do their best to keep the people safe. Not only in Paris, but also in Germany where the soccer game on Tuesday was cancelled due to a bomb threat, and in the United States. The next target can be everywhere. The priority is that last Friday shall not repeat anywhere else. As these ideologists use the Internet a lot, the governments also try to track them down over there. Which started the discussion on how much can be found about a person online.

Many people use the Internet and don’t think that someone else could google them. Others pledge that they are safe on the Internet like they are in their houses or apartments. These are places in which no one can just walk in, only if there is a reason like an investigation against that person. Mostly Europeans were shocked that some authorities simply use their powers to save more data about people then they should. 

Crimes happen everywhere and every day. No matter where it happens, it’s bad. Because everyone deserves to live. The Internet and mostly Social Media sites keep people in touch over large distances. Many groups use this technology, too. Authorities like the NSA try to catch their messages to prevent the crime before it happens. Without them, and the equivalents in others countries, there would probably be many more people hurt or murdered.


picture of a person of which the head is replaced by a giant fingerprint
They might do not see the real face behind a Social Media account, but that does ‘t mean they don’t know anything about this person.
What they do is good. What is put on the Internet is saved on that network anyway, and on its servers. And so it can be found by other people. We all post messages and pictures, some do that every day. There is lots of data of which the computers try to detect what can be harmful. Sometimes they might check on somebody wrong, but when they find the right one, this gives them a higher chance to stop this person in time.

Certainly the data of everyone should be safe. No one has the right to break into a house and steal things. Why should it be legal to do the same online? No matter if it’s the Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr account. Or even whatsapp which is mostly used for private chats among family and friends. But not everyone uses the new forms of communication just for nice things. 

As computer programs only alert real people when specific word combinations are found, the main data is safe. It’s on every single person to decide which app to use and to trust. Also in some gaming apps are chats these days, but are they secure? Phone developers and app designers do mostly their best to keep the data of their users safe. Only the use of special software and programming skills can get access to the data. These can be cyber criminals, or it can be those who want to protect everyone from any sort of harm.


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