Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Today is the day. The future is here right now. In the sequel of the “Back to the future” movie Morty, Doc Brown and Jennifer land in a “futuristic” Hill Valley. But how is October 21, 2015 shown in the movie and how is it today? And what if time travel was possible and we could all go back to our future? How will life be like 30 years from now? 

People still have to walk these days instead of using hover-boards and no cars are flying in the sky. So bigger cities like Los Angeles keep their traffic problems, for now. But what almost everyone has these days are smartphones and Social Media. More than two billion people use the Internet. That’s not shown in the movie. When Morty took his first steps in 2015, he saw no one taking a selfie and putting it on Instagram. So maybe he landed in a parallel universe, a different October 21, 2015.
Watch here when Morty arrives in 2015.
Tomorrow the future will be past, even today is no longer the future but the present. And though many things did not became real, there is still a chance that they will be 30 years from now. Certainly the future will bring lots of amazing new technology and possibilities. But also the things that already exist will have changed. 

Maybe then people will only communicate on Social Media, and no longer face-to-face. Maybe everyone has her own Shelbot like Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon. Because the world outside has become more dangerous to actually go out. So it will be safer for mankind to let their own robots do everything for them outside.

Will everyone has a bot version to go outside for the real person who controls the bot from home? -picture from CBS The Big Bang Theory

The world might be less green. Drones are flying around and observing everyone. People who now don’t have Internet will use Social Media in 30 years and be shocked to know what really happened in the world. Then those get mad who feel mistreated, war will still be everywhere. Maybe even more than now because everyone can google her own truth. Everyone can spread rumors, everyone can spread hate. Social Media has become a powerful weapon that turns even the weakest person into a dangerous fighter.

Maybe, and hopefully, the real future won’t be this dark. Maybe people will use Social Media more to spread love instead of hate. Maybe smart people dare to post their opinions and ideas more often, that the mean comments will never take over. Maybe the mankind will be more open-minded and less discriminating. Only when people respect each other, everyone can live peacefully. The variety of human beings is the real beauty of our living. The uniqueness makes every single person special.  No one just wants to exist, but actually wants live and enjoy living. 

Only where love is can be life. -Sanny Spear

How do you imagine the future? How do you think will our lives be like in 30 years? 


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