One world

14 years ago the world was in shock, and so was I. I couldn’t understand what I saw on TV. Almost 3,000 people died when two planes crashed into the two towers of the World Trade Center. And I keep asking: why?

in memory

When I was in New York in May this year, I was also in the 911 museum. It brought not only back all the memories of that day in 2001. It was like it was happening again, but this time it felt more intense because I saw pictures of people who had to see this happening, who stood not far away from the towers. No one could believe what they saw, no matter if they were in NY or saw it on TV. I guess many hoped to have a nightmare and that what they saw wasn’t real.

In the museum, they played recorded phone calls of people who were in the hijacked planes calling their families to say goodbye. How hard must that have been? I thought of how I would have reacted if someone I knew had called me, telling he’s not coming back. And I had no words when I saw the pictures of all the victims in the “in memoriam” room. So many people who were full of life, and don’t live anymore.

The only picture I took in the 911 museum. There could not be a better quote.


I sat in that room, listening to their stories. Their friends and families talk about these people. One was talking about the anniversary she wanted to celebrate with her girlfriend. She remembered her, what she wore that day, her last words to her. She was looking forward to spend a wonderful evening with her, but she never came back home.

What happened 14 years ago still leaves me speechless of how cruel some people can be. I always ask myself: Why? Why is there still so much hate in our world? We all live on the same planet. And don’t we all just want to live peacefully together? Hate doesn’t lead to anything good.

I totally agree with German astronaut Alexander Gerst who tweeted the “saddest photo yet” last year in July. It shows the earth from outer space. The lights that can be seen on this picture are bombs. So, if there is really some other living forms out there somewhere and first they see is us destroying ourselves and our planet, what would they think of us?

Today I think of all the victims and their families, and pray for them. I really hope that one day everyone will notice that life is precious, and we all can live peacefully together. That we can communicate, and don’t need weapons. Everyone deserves to live. We are all humans. We all wanna live. We are one. One planet. One world.


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