An Act Of God

If God came to earth, where would you expect him to talk to his people? At the church? Well, this might be too obvious. The Almighty seems to be a fan of the theater and he has a sense of humor, a pretty good one. So he found his heaven on earth and chose it to be Studio 54 on Broadway. So if you wanna see and listen to his truth, then you’ll find him there until August 2.

Jim signing
Jim signing Playbills and posters after each performance of “An Act of God”. -I took this pic of him, after I watched the heavenly play.

As God is not someone who just shows up, he uses Jim Parsons to  be his messenger. The actor who is mostly famous for portraying Sheldon Cooper on the CBS hit show “The Big Bang Theory” has proven his comedic timing and his wonderful admiration for acting and theater. God couldn’t have made any better choice.

I saw the play on May 27 in it’s final preview, one day before the opening, and oh, God is hilarious. I’ve been a fan of Jim for four years now, and he has always made me laugh and feel better whenever I was sad or mad or mad-sad (I learned this word from Oh, the purple alien Jim voiced in DreamWorks movie Home). As much as I love seeing Jim playing the supersmart theoretical physicist, I prefer to see him in other roles, like in ‘The Normal Heart’, as he can play them all.

I saw everything Jim did so far for TV and the movies he made. But seeing him on stage brings this all to a whole new level. I could feel how he melted with the character he’s playing, I could feel that acting and being on stage is Jim’s very heaven. It’s truly impressive how he can keep all these lines in his head, and make them sound like his own words, and not that he learned them.

A heavenly play
When he sits on the white couch on stage, it somehow feels like this is now his living room, and he invites every one to his place and makes everyone feel he’s only talking to everyone individually. It has something private, which I can’t really describe. I think everyone who was there, or will be there, know what I mean.

Jim is doing an incredibly job on stage. Talking 90 minutes without a break must be exhausting – and even more for a man, as a man’s voice is simply not used to all the talking (I mean if Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Jim’s co-star on Big Bang, would talk about shoes, or horses, or horse shoes, well, she could probably speak through the entire summer hiatus.).

There was already so much to read on several blogs and websites, and I don’t wanna repeat things that’s already been said. So instead I tried to imagine what God would say to Jim, as he can’t use him to talk to him about him. That’s why here’s now the very last chapter of “The Last Testament”, the book this play is based on.

My chosen one

Dear Jim,

Thank you for playing me so very well on Broadway. It was about time to clear things up and I knew it was the only right decision to pick you for letting me speak to my people. I only made great experiences with parsons as they had always been very devoted to me. But you are extra ordinary and outstanding in so many ways. You might ask yourself why no audition was necessary for you. And well, because of your passion for acting (it’s like young me creating the universe), for your love of being on stage and the ability to turn every sad into a smiling happy face. You fascinate everyone, enchant people all over the world with your positivity and kindness. I see them listening to you in your interviews: the light of their devices shine on their faces and they smile when they see and hear you. They believe what you say, because they know you are not born super rich who doesn’t care about normal people, but you are normal. You are one of them. You struggled, but you had a dream, worked hard and never gave up and now you are living it.
And oh Jim, when I saw your parents looking at you right after you were born. Their eyes shone brighter than the sun, so I got almost blinded. It reminded me when Jesus was born on earth and I looked at him. You do have lots of similarities. You care so much about others when I am mostly selfish. So please forgive me that your Dad is now with me, sitting on cloud no 9 watching you on Broadway 8 times a week. If you could see him running around here in heaven, making sure everyone sees every of your performances (he gets pretty mad when someone claims to have no time…) He is very proud of you. And he was mad at me for taking him. But Jim, you know how wonderful (it’s my favorite word too) he is and I simply wanted to become a better Dad for my three children and as teaching is in your family, who could have been a better teacher? (Btw: you have so many awards and I want to win the Best Dad award, but the three judges aren’t easy to convince… Seems this might be the only thing that is not in my power, and that sucks!!)
So back to your Dad: he now works as your personal guardian angel, Jim. Whenever you feel it’s easier finding the right way than it was before, it’s because your Dad is also pretty good at that job (of course he also keeps an eye on Julie and your mother). Last year he had the idea to send a message to you. He wanted to let you know he is still with you and loves you very much. He was so over the moon when you thanked him at the Emmys last year. So if you liked that poem and got your Dad’s message (Remember me), I now use the same messenger to let her write this blog post.
You are a smart man, Jim. You know that only with the heart someone truly sees. So when you close your eyes, you’ll find your Dad in your heart. We also sent you another angel to take care of you and give you the love you deserve. I can’t say how happy we are to see you and Todd this happy!! And now I finally made it possible for you and other gay couples in the US to get married. I know it took way too long to convince some people that there can’t be a difference between gay and straight persons any longer and both need the same right when it comes to marriage. (Some are just so damn stubborn jerks!!)
So Jim, I could not use you to say my words to you, so I found a different messenger, like I said it’s the same your Dad used last year. I wanna thank you for being so wonderfully and heavenly me. I’m sorry that I will keep using you, as your career just started and you have so many messages to tell people through your marvelous acting and being. You have to reach many more people to hear your story. That every audition you made and didn’t get the role afterwards wasn’t a failure but a step closer to your success. If you played Kenneth on 30 Rock or Barney on How I Met Your Mother or any other role, who would have been Sheldon? And would a show named after another theory about the existence of everything got the chance to make a second pilot? Only I know it as I am the Lord, thy God, King of the universe. But I won’t tell. Because everything happens for a reason, follows my plan. (As I am such a nerd and simply love playing ‘The Real Sims’!!)



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