True meaning of Home

What does home mean to you? How would you draw your perfect home? Maybe a house like Jim Parsons who voices Oh in the new DreamWorks movie Home? 

Jim Parsons draws his perfect home

For the most people home is a building, the place they live in or where they grew up. For kids it’s where their parents live, for adults it’s where they live with their partners or spouses and, if they have, kids. But after watching the movie about an alien race named the Boovs who are looking for a place where they are safe and can call home, you might think differently about the real meaning of home.
Be okay with being different
Oh is one Boov who is different than others. He is super excited about everything, very enthusiastic and doesn’t stop trying. He makes mistakes, and the other Boovs don’t really like him because of that. When Oh throws a party in the beginning of the movie, Oh stands behind the door waiting for two hours for his guests to come, but no one showed up. When I saw this, I just wanted to cuddle him. He is so sweet, caring and wants to be friends with everyone but the others say: Boovs have no friends, no neighbors. They don’t really care about each other.

The other Boovs don’t dare to do anything because they are afraid of doing anything wrong. When they want to find a planet where they are safe, Oh is looking for friends and having fun. He invites everyone to his party, accidentally even the Gorks who try to attack the Boovs. The aliens are running away from the Gorks. But they always find the Boovs and take away everything. So the Boovs didn’t want to be found by the Gorks, and if they get Oh’s party invitation, they would know where the Boovs are. So their leader, Captain Smek, voiced by Steve Martin, tries to find a way that the Gorks don’t get the sent invitation. And so won’t find the Boovs and attack them again. But because of that big mistake and all the many others Oh did before, Captain Smek wants to ban Oh. So Oh does what he can do best and what he has learned from Captain Smek: run away.
And that leads him to Tip who also hides from the Boovs. She is a young girl, voiced by Rihanna, who tries to find her Mom. When the Boovs took over earth, they brought all human beings to Australia. So they can live on one side of the planet and the Boovs can live on the other side, peacefully share one planet. So Tip hides from the Boov, thinking they were evil because they took her mom and all the other people to bring them somewhere else. And so she was afraid of Oh when she first saw him. But he promised her to help finding her Mom, when in fact he wanted to hide from the Boov and wanted to use Tip’s car to get where no Boov can find him.

He changes her home. She changes his world.
During their trip to find Tip’s mom, Tip and Oh become friends. Though they are very different, they are also pretty much alike. For both it’s hard to fit in, hard to find friends. They were both outsiders somehow. And don’t we all feel that way? I often think the others have such easy lives, without any problems. They fit in so perfectly, and I am the only one who struggles sometimes. Maybe on the internet everyone only shows the positive things, the strengths and not the weaknesses. There is no place for weakness, for fear, and for mistakes. Everyone has to be perfect, but no one is and no one will ever be. Because every single person thinks differently about what is perfect. What is a perfect home to you?

My ‘Home’ mug I bought at the theater, and the cardboard figures that stood there.
The movie is about not to prejudge someone before you actually know her or him. He might seem to be different but somehow we are all the same. Things aren’t always the way they look like. We all try to find a place to call home. But home is actually not the building, it’s the people in it who give us the feeling of being safe, family and friends. The party is better when someone shows up and even better when there are people you love and care about. And people who also love and care about you.
It’s also about not running away but to face your fears, to overcome the obstacles. Don’t make yourself smaller than you are. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The one who makes mistakes is the one who at least does something. Do not just try to fit in. Try to be you and be okay with who you are. When you love yourself, others will love you too. You are stronger than you think. Don’t be afraid to be you. The mistake of others might be that they are unable to appreciate you and don’t notice what a wonderful person you are. Appreciate those who do.

And once you found home, every day is the best day ever!


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