Laugh, because you can do it!

Laughing is good. It is actually the best medicine, and has only positive side effects. For example, your stomach hurts from all the laughing. Laughter increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which helps healing. It can lower the heart rate and burn up calories. 100 laughs can be equal to a ten minutes aerobic workout on a rowing machine, which was reported by Professor William Fry at Stanford University. But anyway, adults laugh only an average of 15 times per day, a preschooler about 400 times. Why is it that way and what can be done to laugh more?

Watching comedy series on TV is for sure one good thing to do. Shows like “Modern Family” and “The Big Bang Theory” (uhh I know it’s kinda tense to mention these two in one sentence, especially when it comes to some uber BBT fans) bring every week much joy and laughter into the homes of millions of viewers. People love to see what the characters are going through, how they struggle and how they turn everyday problems and situations into hilarious moments. Because the struggling is what keeps many people from laughing way too less.

Laughing is enchanting, and contagious. - pic by larosa
Laughing is enchanting, and contagious.
– pic by larosa

The viewers can relate to their favorite characters. A good show can only work if its characters are likeable and believable. The story hasn’t to be that far-fetched and all the moments seem to be worth sharing with them. People often struggle in real life and then they want to relax in front of TV. And what can be funnier than seeing people going through way worse? They think: “When they can laugh about it, why can’t I do that?” The viewers realize that it’s better to see life the positive way. Because there is always a positive side in everything. Sometimes it’s just very well hidden.

One of my favorite comedy series right now is “Two Broke Girls”. Caroline who lost everything but after she met Max, she found, somehow and even if it was only a glimpse of, hope. Maybe she realized that from this day one, it can’t get any worse. And there was the positive side of it. Two ladies who’d never met under any other circumstances. They lived different lives, and now they share one and are simply hilarious together.

When it comes to good sitcoms, for many years “Two and Half Men” was the big CBS hit show. After eleven seasons it comes to an end. Tomorrow, February 19, CBS will air the very last two episodes. Whether someone liked it or not, eleven years is amazing on TV. As much people love laughing, it is hard to be funny, and even harder to be funny over all these years. Many sitcoms not even last for one season or end right after that. Another show that could last at least equally as long as TAAHM is Chuck Lorre’s current big hit about those lovely nerds.

That show of which the first pilot failed. That show that was in its first season when the writer strike occured. That show that didn’t seem to turn into a big hit in its beginning. And now? The nerds rose. The geek universe is still expanding. The joy continues on the internet, where its fans share the funniest moments of the show with their friends. Two more seasons will come for sure, but then? Will it get renewed for another two or three seasons? Or will it be like on last week’s TAAHM when Walden imagined his 50th birthday in the year 2030, and Bertha left the party to watch the BBT series finale?


A good show has to touch people’s hearts, has to create emotions. People have to wanna see more of the characters. That is how you keep a show running. But as easy as it sounds, as hard it actually is. People change, times change, humor changes. What is funny these days, don’t have to still be funny in a few years. Some people laugh about one thing, others about something else. But as long as they laugh, they do something healthy. Something that makes happy.

What makes you laugh? Do you watch comedy shows or movies? Please leave a comment below.


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