How a wish can change your life

At the end of every year people make wishes. They think of the past year and no matter if it was good or tough, the next one should be better. New year’s eve is not just one of 365 days of the year. It is the very last day. And so many people use it to make a big change in their lives, to start over or make resolutions to finally do something they always wanted but somehow never did.

New Year
picture taken by Wastl1950

The tradition of hoping for a fresh start is very old. A new year symbolizes the beginning of something new. People want to make their lives (even) better. Making wishes let them feel to have the power of their own future. They can create it the way they want it to and this gives them the feeling that they have control over it.

Animals have instincts. But people have wishes which encourage them in their lives. They focus on things they want the most, and take actions to let their dreams come true. They want to improve their lives. And even though not all wishes become real, it’s always worth to have and dream them. But many people only make resolutions, and break them very soon and then feel disappointed. A wish should not only be made because it’s new year’s, it should be really taken seriously. That’s how a resolution makes sense and won’t end up in tears.

It doesn’t have to be new years eve to change something. Everyone can have dreams throughout the year. The start of a new one might be perfect to begin a new chapter of someone’s life. But this can be any day of the year, like the birthday. People want to stop bad habits, or just want to make more sports, live healthier. A new year can be a good motivation. Old bad habits can end like the year. The good thing is, that a new year causes people all over the world to think about their lives, think about the experiences they made, think about what was good and what was bad.

What are your wishes and resolutions for the next year? Was 2014 a good or a tough one? To me, it was great. I traveled a lot, met amazing new people, and made many great experiences. It wasn’t all easy, and some bad things happened too, but overall, I liked 2014. I hope you had wonderful memories, too. Keep them. And if it was a hard year for you, I wish you all the best and hope next year will be better.

New Year 2015
picture by gaby_stein

Happy new year 2015!!!


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