Wrapped in happiness

Home. After working the whole year, Christmas is the holiday to spend at home with the loved ones. For most people it’s the only time to get with the family. And isn’t this the most precious gift of it all?

Christmas is the celebration of life. Jesus was born to save us all. Life is a miracle, and too often people take it for granted. Asking kids about their wishes they mostly want expensive toys. Well, it depends in which country kids are asked. Some go home, others wish they had a place to call home.

Mary gave birth to her son in a manger. There was no other place for them to be. She and Joseph were rejected, no one wanted them toChristmas welcome. But these days people do invite them to their homes and hearts. They give them a place to stay, and hopefully not only during the holidays.

All over the world people decorate their houses, bake cookies, listening and singing Christmas carols. All is jolly, colorful and bright. The Mexicans pray and dress their baby Jesus to celebrate his birth. A town in Germany created a Facebook page for a Mary statue. During the day Mary sits in the manger, but in the evening someone can take her home where she spends the night. People can apply on her Facebook, and if they’re lucky (because there are more people who want her to be in their homes, than there are days before Christmas) they can take her home. So every night Mary is somewhere else.

Christmas is about life, and happiness. Time to spend with the family is very rare these days. Most wish the can come home for Christmas, so they can have dinner with the entire family. Going to the church is also part of the holiday tradition in almost every country.

Though it is still a week until Christmas, I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have jolly, wonderful and blessed holidays with your loved ones!!! XO – Sanny

How do you spend the holidays? What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit? What’s on your wish list this year? Please leave a comment, and let me know.


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