The illusion of a perfect world

Once there were two universes: the TV and the internet. They were both expanding rapidly and they now move closer and closer to each other. But what will happen when they collide? Will only one of them survive? Will they both burst and create something new? Maybe something that no one can even imagine yet?

Back in the 1980s a TV show was just that. But nowadays it’s more. TV stars now use Twitter and Instagram to personally connect with their fans and to do PR for their shows. For most of them it is part of their contracts, part of their job. The time that a star only went to the studios for a taping and get thousands of Dollars, like most fans imagine, isn’t like that at all anymore. The stars have to represent their shows even when they are not on the set. But this also gives them the chance to promote their work and get feedback from their fans directly. The amount of followers shows a star’s popularity which can be good when it comes to negotiating new endorsement deals. When they reach more people they maybe can ask for more money than stars being less popular.

A bird and a camera to represent Twitter and Instagram  - pic by Ed Sweeney
A bird and a camera represent Twitter and Instagram
pic by Ed Sweeney

Fans love when their favorite celebrity uses social media. He seems to be like one of their friends as they have a chance to write to him and see his pictures or tweets. Then they love to re-share the star’s posts with their actual friends. This causes that the show gets more personal because it is not only a TV show anymore. It is a show in which their ‚friends‘ appear.

But this also causes another change. Fans get in touch with other fans too and want to get their attention. So instead of posting a picture holding an autograph, they prefer to take a selfie with the star. This make them look like they actually know each other, and that is what fans want. Well, most of them only do this for attention, making others jealous and wanting this picture to get them more likes and followers. And that seems to be the new trend on the internet. Everyone wants to be a star somehow. For some guys it seems that they care more about their web-personalities than their real lives. They just can’t spend a single day without being online.

Max and Nev, Catfish
Max and Nev on the TV show ‘Catfish’

Some people do quite a lot for being popular on the web. When watching the TV show ‚Catfish‘ the viewer soon realizes how many guys pretend to be someone else on the internet. Most of them do that only because they want to be loved and are afraid other people won’t like the actual person. On the internet only that one can be famous who is extraordinary in some way. But everyone shows only his best sides, and only that one person posting knows if it’s real or not. The other people have to believe it or not. A big advantage of the internet. But it also creates the illusion of a perfect world. Even more than the TV and Hollywood. Mostly teenagers simply believe all is really like how they see it, and that can cause a low self-esteem.

The internet is a vast wonderland. It is a big part in people’s lives whether they are a celebrity or not. It gives everyone the chance to connect with people worldwide. Everyone can decide if they are themselves on the internet or only care about numbers. I have never been a big maths’ fan, and I learned being true to myself and simply me, that’s the only way finding true people in life. And that’s all that actually matters.


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