Gone girl

In the past years lots of things changed, but some remain. It seems that no matter how much time passes, some things simply stay the same. Want an example? Why do all girls love horses? I asked myself that question a couple of times and because of tomorrow’s World Girls Day, I thought I might not be the only one wondering about this.

Besides the fact that all girls love horses, which is of course not a bad thing and I love them too, the second stereotype is that all girls love pink stuff. It is THE girl color. But it wasn’t like that all the time. A century ago it was the boys’ color. Blue was for the girls. One reason was the blue dress Mary was shown with on religious pictures. Why and when this changed – well, I didn’t find anything about it.


Truth is that little girls identify themselves with other girls in their age and what they like. They see in the store pink dresses and shirts with horses. Everywhere. So it is society that indirectly tells us what to do and what to like. Some people might call it manipulation in some level, others say it’s smart advertising.

Society can do a lot, even change a life. There are still so many girls out there who still get less food than boys, who are in some countries less worth than boys, get less education and have no right to choose or say something. And people there think it is okay. Also in most monarchies in Europe the first son has the privilege to once be throned, even when he has an older sister. Fair? I don’t think so.

Girls are not only there for cleaning the house and taking care of the kids. In the US, Canada and Europe girls are almost treated the same as men. Besides they earn less, so some differences still exist. It is a slow process and in the end, it’s the society that makes something okay or not, or how people think about it. And the media like TV, newspaper, etc., helps to get people a point of view on something, like to be seen in the movie “Gone girl”.

A girl disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary and her husband was soon accused to be her murderer. He has to defend himself, that he didn’t do anything, that she went missing and he wants her back. Who does the media believe in? Which side does it take? Which way do they investigate and report about the case? And let the way they see it, change the people’s mind about the case? Sure it does. That is what society does. Indirect manipulation.

Watch here the trailer of the movie “Gone Girl” with Ben Affleck.

So, how do I know that something is really my own opinion, that I really like something or do we all get manipulated? And is this really a bad thing? Do we want to get manipulated? Is it something we might cannot avoid?

Anyway, I am a girl, I do love pink and horses, but I don’t think that this defines me as a girl.


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