Will the delay of Big Bang Theory season 8 causes the end of the show?

Will the delay of Big Bang Theory season 8 causes the end of the show?

The upcoming season 8 of the popular CBS hit comedy will be delayed due to contract negotiations. The cast wants a big pay rise, up to $ 1 million per episode. That is more than 10 times as much as their co-stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch who signed their contracts a pretty while ago. But Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons team up to get the rise. But it seems to be too much for the producers. There were also rumors spreading the internet that Jim might leave the show. But this was just made up by a website and even Bill Prady tweeted this was a hoax. But fans now are concered: is this the end of their favorite TV show?

The bad thing about a popular and successful TV show is one day it’s all about the money. So it’s understandable that the cast wants more. For most actors it’s a blessing to be on a show for such a long time and to have a steady income which is enough to earn their living with. And as they might never be on such a successful show again, why not milking the cow as much as possible? The question is just: Isn’t it a bit too much to ask for more than an double income per episode of what they earn right now? And is their work so much more worth than Melissa and Mayim’s? The producers don’t think so. And maybe some fans agree, thinking the cast already ears enough. But well, if you were in their shoes right now, I am pretty sure you would fight for the money, too. If there is a chance to earn more, you would probably take it too.

Many people don’t see that the cast more or less lose their privacy. Kaley is followed by paparazzi, no matter where she is going to. They are paying a high price, being noticed all over the world. People know their faces. So it’s not like most jobs, go to work and come back home and that’s it. One episode is not only the 20 minutes you see on TV. It’s reading the lines, thinking about how to play them, it’s practicing and memorizing and doing PR. Their faces also represent their characters and the show. So the cast quite knows the show would be nothing without them. We all know what happened to ‘Two and a half men’. It’s not the same anymore since Charlie Sheen and later Angus T. Jones left.

Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS


What the cast should keep in mind too, is that they also wouldn’t be in their position right now, if the show didn’t exist. A show is team work. There are more than ‘only’ the actors responsible for it. And if they would all quit because they didn’t get the amount of money they want, they will lose their steady job and a great income most of us all dream of. They might appear in some movies or make guest appearances on other TV shows, but they probably won’t get the amount they earn right now.

So, I do understand the cast, and I know it’s their decision and not mine and I have no right to tell them what to do, but how about earning a half million per episode in next season? The million would be fine in season 10, like the cast of ‘Friends’ earned in their final season. Sure they are negotiating higher salary for the next 3 seasons and not only for the upcoming season 8. So I am not sure for which season they ask the million dollars for. But I do think as CBS ordered 3 more seasons, there has to be 3 more seasons. It’s like many guys who wanted to go to a taping and have tickets but can’t go because there is no taping at that time. These guys are understandably mad, and I think CBS would be even more if they don’t get what they paid for. Not quite sure about that, but there might be some high fees, if the ordered seasons won’t get produced.

So I am pretty sure they will reach an agreement soon and 3 more seasons will come. And as someone who studies PR management, I think this is also some sort of well-made PR somehow because The Big Bang Theory is discussed all over the internet. Even guys who don’t know that show that well, will eventually read about it and then maybe watch the next season. It is probably not wanted that way, but the more people talk about a show, the higher it increases its popularity. This is even better when everyone talks about a show and there are currently no new episodes airing. Just another reason the show has to be continued.


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