Month: July 2014

The choice to choose

Every day I have to make decisions: what do I wear? What will I have for breakfast? By having so many decisions all day, it’s really hard to choose. I remember when I was a kid and my Mom asked me to buy milk, I bought milk. Nowadays you can’t ask your kid doing that. If you have a daughter she will probably buy a bottle when there is a cute animal on it or something pinky. A little boy would probably grab the first he finds. But okay that might be stereotyping.

Anyway, the point is: not only kids are unable to cope these situations sometimes. It’s like you see 20 different bottles or milk packets. You once started to drink one and then you just stick with it. Some make their decisions depending on their taste, some on the product’s price, or when a friend or family member suggests it. But everyone has to take decisions, not only which milk to choose.

Sure we are lucky to even have this ‘problem’. Too much of everything can cause some stress too. But do we want that? Do we need that? And has anybody ever asked us if we wanna have the choice? Do we have the choice to choose or are we all simply forced to have a choice?


Are you happy you have to take so many decisions? pic by Lali Masriera
Are you happy you have to make so many decisions?
pic by Lali Masriera