101 writing class

pic by Lisa Spreckelmeyer

I’ve been writing for about 20 years now. It has always been a pure joy to me, making up stories and creating characters. For someone who is new to writing, it’s best to start doing fan fiction. So you only have to focus on the story and not also on the characters. This can be really tricky and it needs some time to make a character. This page is everyone who love to write and are interested in writing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Leave a comment below or go to the ‘Contact me’ page and send me a message. I will update this page frequently, so make sure to check it and get more writing tips 🙂

1. You have a good story in mind? Great. Write down your ideas. I do that on a sheet of paper, before I use my iPad or Mac and start actually writing. The story itself is what matters most and then you can think of your characters that keep the story going. They should be good and bad guys somehow. Not like in superhero movies, who destroys the world and wants to, but people that aren’t liked by the main character(s). The closer your story is to real life, the more your readers can identify themselves with your characters and that is what makes them reading your stories. No one has a perfect life, so let your characters struggle sometimes. But him into situations that causes some trouble, a problem he needs to solve. Every character has bad habits too. Don’t create an all-perfect guy. Make him friends and family and don’t forget to write something about his past. We all are the people we are right now, because of the people we are and were with. Considering that, you can explain some habits of your character. Like a 26-year old man lives with his grandmother because his mother died and the father is unknown. So this young man could finally try to find his dad. This is just an example for the main story and its main characters. You can also add some friends to your story. With them the man tries to figure out where and who his dad is and if he even knows that he has a son.

I think there are many people out there, who don’t know their dads or people whose best friends or neighbors don’t know their dads and they just want to know how it feels like. There are lots of people who would be interested in how he finds his dad. What happened back then? What will happen when the man finally meets his dad? Will he be nervous? So think of how could he feel, what could he do to find his dad? And maybe one of his friends doesn’t want him to find his dad. What could he do and what could be his reason? You can also place a hint like that guy maybe knows something. And maybe he will, maybe he once talked to the dad, or whatever.

No matter what you write, it starts with the story. Then you create all your characters you need, to tell that story and to make it believable. It helps if you ask yourself and answer honestly: would you be interested in reading that? Ask friends or family members and talk about your idea. Maybe you can find a way to improve it. But don’t talk to too many people about it. You can’t satisfy everyone. The more people are involved, the more ideas you have. And that will cause that everyone writes something differently and your character isn’t constantly the same. It would be like, first he is germophobic and in the next chapter he enjoys sitting in a puddle of mud. Just to give an extreme example. That is also a reason why fans are legally not allowed to pitch ideas to creators of their fave TV shows. If one guy submits an idea, others want to, and that would all end up in chaos. Besides the writers get paid for writing and not the fans. It’s good to write fan fiction because it means the writers really do a good job and the character could exist that way. And they inspire other people to write stories for them. But if all fans would write the show, what will happen to the writers? Do you want someone else to do your job?

But keep writing fan fiction if you do and share them with other fans. That helps you to get in touch with other people, and maybe some agents will see your writing on the internet and one day you are a writer on a TV show or a movie. Or even write your own hit show or a book. Maybe you will talk to other people who already got published, and they can give you some advice. Like I do here. The best thing is when people read your work, not related to a TV show or movie and because they love the character, but when they like your story and your characters.

 More tips will follow…

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